17 points reversed! King escapement pelican eligible four straight Gay test God 19 20 + 10 + 5

YORK, October 18 reported: Sacramento Kings remain preseason winning streak. Gay had 20 points and 10 rebounds, Cousins ​​had 19 points and Collison had 19 points off the bench and seven rebounds to lead the team in between three or four sections played a small climax, reversing the score was as high as 17 points poor, and establish a double-digit advantage, the Kings 107-98 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans in the team. The Kings won four straight, pelicans team record to 2 wins and 2 losses.

Kings Gay had 20 points and 10 rebounds, Cousins ​​had 19 points and five rebounds, Collison had 19 points, seven rebounds and five assists, Casspi had 16 points and seven rebounds, libraries Firth had 11 points and four rebounds, Stein had seven points and six rebounds, Rondo 3 shots 1 3 points and 3 assists. Pelican team Anderson had 20 points and four rebounds, Davis had 19 points, eight rebounds and three steals, Jones had 11 points, Roberts and Robinson each had nine points. Davis doing well after the start, he hit two three-pointers, one scored 10 points led his unit to 20-6 start. Kings Cousins ​​hit a jumper after a pause, the Pelican team’s offensive is still outstanding, Davis hit a turnaround jumper, Huo Ledi two singles success, the first section there are 4 minutes 25 seconds to 28-12 lead at the Pelican team . Gay and Collison teamed force before the
nba 2k16 mt end of the first, they cut together six points behind the Kings to 20-31.

Davis single scored 14 points. II began after the two teams you come to me, the score alternating increase, Marco Belinelli in the third, Collison scored a breakthrough, they lead the team to counterattack wave hit 9-1, chase the Kings 38- 44. Robinson scored a breakthrough, Davis made two free throws, leading the Pelican team to stabilize the situation. The two sides tied four times after each attack, Cousins ​​force in the paint scored 5 points, Guy also hit the third, they led the team to counterattack the climax of the end of the second quarter 11-5, the Kings to 58-61 behind 3 divided into halftime. Pelican team Davis had 15 points in the first half, Anderson scored 14 points; Kings Cousins ​​had 14 points, Guy also has 14 points, Collison scored 10 points. Cousins ​​remain aggressive in the third quarter, he scored with a fine cast to get 4 points, Rondo hit a jumper, the Kings to 66-63 lead three minutes.

Roberts scored a breakthrough, Robinson in the third, pelicans team soon overtake. After the two sides each have a
www.nbamtbuy.com few minutes, the Kings’ offense before the end of the third Zaidufali, Collison Glenealy 5 points, Casspi running jumper, a wave of attacks 7-0 to make the Kings to 83-76 lead 7 points end of the third. The last section shortly after the start Casspi scored five points, the Kings to 90-78 lead with 12 points. Anderson with 4 points chase, Butler hit a jumper, respectively, and Casspi, Kings remain 12 points advantage. Pelican team put on the bench and did not give up resistance, Jones hit three-pointers to lead the team to counterattack wave hit 8-0, the fourth quarter and 2 minutes and 15 seconds chase pelicans team 93-98.

Stein twice successful offensive, Collison hit a jumper, which helped the Kings to stabilize the situation. Jones sank two free throws, Casspi is a record one-third, the Kings to 107-98 win. Kings starting lineup: Rondo, Mike Palermo, Guy, Cousins, Stein Pelican starting lineup: Huo Ledi, Roberts, Cunningham, Davis, Perkins

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