2015 summer transfer top10

Major European League transfer window closes. This summer’s top two players are worth and Manchester City related from Wolfsburg to join Manchester City to 79.8 million euros to become the transfer standard king, worth behind his move from Liverpool to Manchester Stirling, England’s worth up to 68 million euros. Transfers from Manchester to Paris Saint-Germain Dimaliya to 63 million euros followed. Here we have to count 2015 summer transfer market worth TOP10.
10 Martinez Porto – Atletico Madrid 35 million euros.

July 1, the Portuguese giants Porto official announcement, the Primera Liga club Atletico Madrid activate Jackson – Martinez € 35 million in liquidated damages clause, the Colombian striker will become a legion sheets. In the past three seasons, Jackson – Martinez has been very high yield, he represented FC Porto played 136 times, scoring an amazing 92 goals, which makes Martinez became the top scorer in the Portuguese league. Jackson – Martinez is a Colombian national team, he took part in the World Cup in Brazil last year and this year’s Copa America, until now, he played 37 times on behalf of Colombia, has 10 goals accounted for.
10 Heikki Zupančič Inter Milan – Real Madrid 35 million euros

August 18, Real Madrid officially announced the official signing of Croatian midfielder Heikki Zupančič,fifa 16 coins the two sides signed six-year contract to 2021, according to Spain, “Aspen Daily” news, Heikki Zupančič transfer fee to reach 35 million euros. Heikki Zupančič is seen as a great Croatian players on the 10th. As an offensive mastermind, he was able to use the ball on the offensive end to manufacturing Murder, moreover, he can be competent video front and winger these two positions. Have good vision, can be carried out in midfield interception, which is Heikki Zupančič innate temperament, it is worth mentioning that, Heikki Zupančič shot is his weakness, but he was only 21 years old, the young is capital.
9 Vidal Juventus – Bayern Munich 40 million euros

July 28, the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich on the official website announced the official signing Chile midfielder Vidal, the two sides signed four years, select No. 23 jersey, the former Juventus star will come to Bayern. As for the transfer fee Vidal, Juventus officially announced Vidal’s worth, the Chilean star in the price of 37 million euros to join Bayern Munich, this amount will be paid within 2 years. Based on player performance, Juventus will be variable bonus of up to three million euros. If all goes well, the total amount of the deal will reach 40 million euros. After a lapse of four years, Vidal once again return to the Bundesliga, it is worth mentioning that in the past four seasons, Vidal helped Juventus Serie achieve four-peat, he played a total of 171 times, scoring 48 goals, 26 assists ʱ??
8 Fenhai Mu – Liverpool 41 million euros

June 24, from Liverpool team officially announced the introduction of the Bundesliga Hoffenheim team Brazilian midfielder Phil Mino, which is Liverpool’s fifth summer signings. Phil Mino worth up to 41 million euros, while Phil minoxidil will work with the Red Army signed a five-year length.
Draxler Schalke 04- 7 Wolfsburg 42 million euros

August 31, officially announced the Bundesliga giants Wolfsburg, Schalke 04 playmaker Draxler officially joined the team, according to German media reports, Wolfsburg this purpose took out 42 million euros transfer fee, the parties five-year contract. Prior to last season, Manchester City within the European king assists, he also became the summer transfer standard king this season, coming Draxler’s ability to replace inner worth the wait.
6 Otamendi Valencia – Manchester City 45 million euros

August 20, Premier League giants Manchester City on the official website announced the official signing of Argentine international Otamendi, the two sides signed five-year contract until the summer of 2020. According to Sky Sports News, Otamendi transfer fee reached 45 million euros. The player who played for Velez Sarsfield, Porto and Valencia, his functional in the back, but also to guest right back. Otamendi is also a member of the Argentine national team, since 2009, he has already played 25 times on behalf of Argentina, there is a ball fetched, he also took part in this summer’s Copa America, and was named the best team official selection.
5 Turk Aston Villa – Liverpool 46.5 million euros

July 23, Premier League giants Liverpool’s official website announced that the team reached an agreement with Aston Villa on the transfer of the Turk, the Belgian striker officially joined the Red Army, he’s worth up to 46.5 million euros. The Turk has worked day and Genk, Belgium effectiveness standard columns, in 2012 to 7 million pounds transfer fee to join Aston Villa, he played 101 times for a total of Avila, scoring 49 goals. The Turk played 24 times for the Belgian national team, scoring seven goals. He also became after Carol (3500 pounds), following Liverpool’s second most expensive signings.
4 Marshall Monaco – Manchester United 50 million euros

September 2, Premier League Manchester United officially announced that the team from the French team Monaco signed a 19-year-old striker Anthony – Marshall, he will be wearing Manchester United’s No. 9 jersey. The two sides will sign four-year contract also contains a one-year renewal terms. According to Sky Sports, and so on a number of authoritative media reports, Marshall’s transfer fee of up to 3600 pounds (about 50 million euros), if you count the additional terms, the total value of the deal can reach astonishing 5800 pounds (about 80 million euros). € 50 million transfer fee also let him become the most expensive young players under 20 years old, more than previously Paris Saint-Germain to introduce Lucas – spent 3180 pounds when Mora.
3 Dimaliya Manchester United – PSG 63 million euros

The summer of 2014, Manchester United spent 75 million euros from Real Madrid to sign Di Maria, in the Red Devils played the first few races, Angel Wings does have phenomenal play, but this and Van Gaal’s tactical ideas clashed, main location Ashley also – away Young. Manchester United spent a unhappy season, now with 63 million euros Mary Dave Hsia switch to Paris Saint-Germain.
2 Sterling Liverpool – Manchester City 68 million euros

July 15 morning, Manchester City by the team’s official website announced to the outside world, announced on transfer issues Stirling formal agreement with Liverpool Football Club, Blue Moon will be popular with the England striker signed for 5 years. The transaction fee for the cost of 44 million pounds of floating +500 million pounds. The Stirling will get up to 180,000 pounds of weekly earnings in Manchester. And he will be wearing Milner had left No. 7 jersey. This also allows the Stirling became the world football transfer deal, worth up to 21 years of age or younger players.
1 Debu Lao within Wolfsburg – Manchester 79.8 million euros

This summer, within become transfer market standard king, the transfer fee inside for 58 million pounds (79.8 million euros), setting a club record of Manchester City. Look Premiership transfer history, worth ranked within the top four, second only to Real Madrid in 2013 from Tottenham Bell (94 million euros), in 2009 from Manchester United to Real Madrid C-Lo (90 million euros) and in 2014 move to Barcelona from Liverpool Suarez (81 million euros).
Premier League history to break the outside, inside players also broke the Bundesliga record transfer fee roll-out, the previous record of the same produce in the summer, the Liverpool team to 41 million euros from Hoffenheim to buy Brazilian international team firmi Connaught. Wolfsburg last season Debu Lao inherent Guards surrendered 16 goals 28 assists data Belgians just the Bundesliga assists, he assists or Europe, it is worth mentioning that the teenager worth in a year and a half ago of only 22 million euros.

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