A big party a Friends

Last night at the Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center at the NBA China Games Shanghai station, it was a sports carnival big party. Cattle will unashamedly selling tickets turned a somersault, a half hour before the game, had to stop to stop a kilometer away, beginning from the players played warm-up, all kinds of fans began screaming in the stands …… When Lin In a record third ball, when the curtain opened The NBA China Games Shanghai Station, Shan Hu tsunami-like cries, the moment did not stop too.
cheap 2k16 mt Hornets coach before the game to honor his promise, starting to play the Lin arrangement, coated with a thick hair gel Jeremy Lin expectations, lay ‘third of the rain, ‘the tone for the team, in 17 minutes of playing time, scored 13 points and 5 rebounds. The post-match press conference, Lin is also scheduled to attend, he was feeling very interesting trip to China, ‘I am pleased by the China Games, to showcase our Chinese culture to my teammates.’

Scene nearly 20,000 spectators, watching not only the game, they had come to the carnival holidays. Blue Hornet, cute. He courtside seats will come and give you a hug, or an unexpected kiss, and the audience will actively cooperate rebate kiss. It will jump weird dance, suddenly fell to the ground install halo, both adults and children, all laughing. Games interactive sessions, not to be missed. Mengniu Breakfast Milk puzzles interaction, both in the good fight Mengniu milk Puzzle NBA jersey after the fixed-point shooting, hit the fastest wins. Then play basketball baby gift thrown small audience, setting off a round of small climax. While held in Jordan to leave the midfield when shooting contest, when players from the midfield into a grass-roots basketball, get one million yuan prize, the audience stood up and cheered for him applause, as if he is big NBA star general. Before the game, Jeremy Lin to pay tribute to the Yao Ming, midfielder, Liu Xiang, Yao Ming came up with the exchange, pause, Yao appeared side by side with former mentor Ewing …… annual Chinese race, are one of the Friends.

11 years
nba 2k16 mt for sale ago, because the Rockets because of Yao Ming, center Patrick Ewing as the coach with the Rockets first came to Shanghai, China, for the first time to play games in China, vivid memories. ‘At that time the fans will and enthusiasm, but today, I saw more fans rooting for us.’ Last
NBA 2K16 My Team Points night, Yao Ming at the Peninsula Hotel banquet Ewing. They recall memorable moments in Houston, chatted about Yao restaurant cuisine, talk Chinese basketball status quo. ‘Yao Ming and I also shared his management philosophy, he also, and I mentioned the outstanding center of Chinese basketball, but unfortunately I can not remember the name.’ Ewing said. Today, Ewing Hornets coach the team as a center, ‘If one day Yao Ming invited me, who knows what will happen?’ The reporter Tao Xingying

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