AC Milan for the 2 consecutive season, the deadlock is broken by 1 people

August 31, 2014, in the seven minute in the first round of the tournament to AC Milan against Lazio, Keisuke Honda after El shaarawy assists scored the Rossoneri season first goals in official games. On August 17, 2015, Honda opened the gateway to Milan to 2015-16 season, against Perugia in the Italian Cup third round, the Japan International in the first ten minutes then Antonelli pass, made this season first goals in official games. The earth moves around the sun in a circle around the new season, the Rossoneri started again in Honda.
This summer, the rumors about Keisuke Honda has not been interrupted, the Italian media said news said he himself said in Milan have not happy. At the same time transfer gossip and heard, once some rumors he defected to Tottenham Hotspur and toffee Tange E F Don. But the actual situation is completely different, in a pre-season game and this field with Perugia race, Serbian coach Sinisa Mihajlovic gave Honda enough trust, Japanese field showed no hated the departure of signs. The Italian Cup game, MIHA himself said he will send the best players for everyone has the most Milan, while Honda did not live up to the coach’s expectations.
If not unexpected, in the new season Keisuke Honda will appear in behind the striker and organization and work in tandem, Milan on the 10th will and Fiorentina from the first minute is draped appearance in. Last season’s Honda in the stunning start, has maintained the highest level, but after two months of his state began to decline, from the Asian Cup, the extent of this decline is more obvious. So just look at the start of his judgment is also some one-sided, obviously, Honda is the team’s important part, but his physical condition so that he can not keep the best in the whole season of intense competition, in the course of the long season, he needs to make the effort to make uniform.
In the next season, Honda will face more intense competition within the team, Bonaventura, mene in a central position, even including the upcoming is likely to team Soriano, Mihajlovic although there are multiple choice, but also hope that this competition can stimulate Honda potential. After all, he wears is the tenth of the Rossoneri.

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