Adriano Macy positive and go all out for the national derby

Barcelona fullback Adriano revealed during a recent interview, Macy is to come back and go all out to participate in the national derby. Local time on November 21, will go to Barcelona to the Bernabeu with Real Madrid to expand the national derby, while the former masters star Lionel Messi will be no play in the match since September with a knee injury before. ‘He is recovering well, in order to be able to catch up with the game he is going all out. If he is able to play the game, the team will make a big difference.’ Adriano said in accepting the ‘World Sports Daily’ interview .

Whether he will make a big difference playing for the game. But in his truce this time, the team trying to unite together and move on.’ ‘He has always been that we are familiar with Messi, always smiling, joking with teammates, always confident. asked me if I would bet he played in the national derby? Of course. ‘During Messi sidelined, Neymar taken up the banner of the team , while Adriano growth for the young Brazilian compatriots not surprised. ‘He has a huge improvement in all aspects, and now I can not imagine how Barcelona will be without him.’ Adriano continued. ‘For his performance I am very pleased, because I have always been full of confidence for him. I hope he can keep this state, not only for Barcelona but also for the Brazilian national team.

He can make history here.
fifaultimateteams Also I think he and Lionel Messi and Suarez will be the final three candidates for the Golden Globe .MSN always very unselfish, mutually assist each other and they help the whole team. team has a great atmosphere, even if you are in a game without a good performance, but your teammates will stand by your side and support you. ‘(send)

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