Ahly coach Hengda also have their weaknesses will be found

AFC finals will be started. Ahly coach to accept the AFC’s official website in an interview is that there is no team is perfect, Hengda also has its own weaknesses. ‘We are from the last championship, only one step away, we are going against a strong team, in my opinion they can compete with the European teams, Hengda is a Gongshoupingheng team, and now we want as much as possible ready game.

We all know this will be difficult, but still worth a try, in the game to show the best of themselves, to win the first game with a victory in the second race very prepared important, but we have to be clever in the game with a clever way to win the game. ” We have great respect for them, because the opponent is very strong, but no team is perfect, they also have weaknesses, we will find them weakness.

I’m glad that we qualified for the finals, regardless of home games is the first or second field before the game we have a good record away from home, so this is not very important, it is important in home games You can not lose the ball, this is the easiest way to qualify, at this level of competition, keeping a clean sheet is very difficult, very pleased we scored more goals than your opponent before the match.

Ahly striker Lima said in an interview, also said: ‘We all know the game is not only for the club, but for the entire country is a very important game, I am pleased to participate in the game, and we are trust the coach and the team’s work, so I have confidence in what we’re doing. ‘(off er)

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