Aiming at the two AC Milan midfield reinforcements

  Ho throw 83 million euros after, AC Milan transfer operation is still ongoing, which includes not only buy new goals, including redundant processing. According to reports in the Italian media, Milan have been completely abandoned the witsel and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Lucas brokers have rushed to the Milan and the Rossoneri meeting, if talk from ear to ear, Milan will try to win the Soriano.

  Witsel is one of the top game in Milan this summer, last week “Rome sports daily” reported that Juventus out of the race, AC Milan again open with Zenit’s negotiations, but 35 million asking price is too expensive, Milan says up to $25 million, so the two sides had this to say about the collapse. And Ibrahimovic broker Raiola has been standing out statement said: “Ibrahimovic this summer is definitely can’t transfer the, he against Paris Saint Germain is very important.”

  Milan currently has two important goals, Lucas Leiva and Soriano. According to “Milan sports news” news, Lucas’s agent has arrived in Milan, Galliani said the deal has been completed in half. In addition, Milan wants to get Sampdoria midfielder Soriano, with Juventus and Napoli competition. According to the “Italy football” message, Naples, he prepared a bid for 10000000 euros, while Juventus will price up to 15000000 euros, Milan in this week will make a formal offer. The Soriano has two years left on his contract and Sampdoria in the array can be foreseen, Sampdoria president Juan Carlos Ferrero not will players sale to any club, in him will be expensive a transfer fee. But AC Milan’s advantage is the coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, after he in the same way will his love in the Sampdoria coach during the Romagnoli move to Milan’s command.

  Suso is expected to return to La Liga Suso is expected to return to La Liga

  Transfer continues, but also in the lineup to clean up everything in good order and well arranged. Verdi has officially announced from AC Milan on loan from La Liga eibar club, last season he was Milan Empoli, and next season he failed to return to the San Siro, but was sent to La Liga. Romagnoli after the arrival, Gabriel Paletta is generally considered to will departure, Bologna and Atlanta is in contention for the 29 year old defender, brokers said that players also did not consider his future. Another traced the departure of players is Suso. The 21 year old attacking midfielder in the 2013-14 season by Liverpool on loan from La Liga al Mei Leah club, played 33 times and scored three goals. However, since a January move to Milan, he only in the League played 5 times. According to the Italian media the calciomercato reports Suso is expected to return to La Liga, Malaga and Villarreal are the very interested

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