Ancelotti Plan Mingxia comeback hopes to retake a Champions League coach

Ancelotti appeared in London, he accepted the British ‘Daily Mail’ the lengthy interview. Ancelotti revealed that his plan is to return to football coach in the summer next year, his goal is to once again win the Champions League. Recalling 2011, when Carlo Ancelotti was fired at Everton hallway, if he has not mind this heart? Italian replied: ‘there is no problem between me and Chelsea.’ Speaking of the current situation of Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, Ancelotti behind Portuguese.

Jose will not be fired Chelsea have decided to keep him, I think They made a good choice. ‘Just last night, Ancelotti attended the C Luo personal movie’s conference, coming out the red carpet as well as brokers Mendes and Blues boss Jose Mourinho. Ancelotti said: ‘I did not find the opportunity to chat with Jose, but we have a good relationship when we won the Champions League, Block 10, he sent me an SMS to congratulate him better than anyone understood Chelsea…’ Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea, where exactly is the problem? Ancelotti believes this does not answer: ‘Sometimes you can not explain these things … where exactly is wrong, it is a mystery in Istanbul We (AC Milan) how will lose the game 3-goal lead at halftime situation.? Do you think the other coach (Benitez) will be put on a striker, but he put on a midfielder! ” From a spectator’s point of view, I think Chelsea last won too easily, so this year the players lack motivation . Coach course should motivate the players, but if a player does not perform self-motivation, then the coach can not motivate his Chelsea players missing something, this is not a sudden change, step by step.

Mourinho is undoubtedly one of the best coaches in the world. Look at his body language, I think he is now very good. He is not too worried about him confidence. Dynamo Kiev match, Chelsea fans chant his name. He will solve the problem. ‘After October this year Rogers to leave Liverpool, Ancelotti was once considered an ideal candidate for the White outside Anfield. But in the end the Germans came to Liverpool Klopp.’ I want to return to England to work. ‘Ancelotti said.’ I like football. And my house in London. I want to take over one in England and Europe competitive team. ‘I think Liverpool are a good team, they have some good young players – such Coutinho, Phil minoxidil, this Turk team if they can find an example – like Gela Germany or Carragher such experienced players, so I think they will become a real strong team. ‘But I did not and Liverpool contacted, if there is contact, then I might agree. But we did not contact. They appointed Klopp is the right decision, he is a good coach. The best coaches can play Liverpool features. Klopp’s Dortmund is one such team. ‘In May this year, Ancelotti sacked by Real Madrid, he revealed himself to the school was very disappointed and sad.’ Coach class is part of the work, but if you ask me, it was Real Madrid fired, then I tell you this feel bad. (After school) I’m really very happy because I have a great relationship with the players. I really enjoyed training with the team, they are very professional and very serious. This class than Chelsea and that once more disappointing. ‘Ancelotti
click here coached many top players, but he gave a C Lott other comment. He said, C Luo word for the profession sets a new standard.’ Really, he is the most professional player . ‘Ancelotti evaluation.’ I watched his documentary, very good, but it does not reflect how much he is occupation. Sometimes we go back to Madrid, the war in Europe ended, it is already 3:00. C Lo did not go straight home, but to the training base for an ice bath, conducted after the game to restore the body. ‘Of course, all the players of Real Madrid is very career. Casey, Modric, Bell, etc. and Bell exchange would be more difficult, because I am used to and the players speak Spanish. Bell is a good man.’ Carlo Ancelotti was fired after Chelsea won the double in a year, in Madrid, he won the Champions League after Block 10 also suffered the fate of class. How to treat this phenomenon? ‘You are with the results of the evaluation of things, but a coach can not win every year, certainly not in Spain. Barcelona, ​​the best team in the world, there are Atletico Madrid, also very competitive.’ As Real Madrid coach is The most difficult job than I in Milan when more pressure to bear. 2005 Liverpool lost if the worst experience of my? Think about losing it 0-4 Madrid derby. We have made 22 consecutive victories that season, but on February 7 after 0-4 loss to Atletico Madrid, everything was forgotten. ‘Real Madrid coach will not win the class, I understood when he took office. Block 10 if not win the Champions League, one year ahead of my class was over. I could not accept the invitation to Real Madrid, but after all, is the world’s most influential club . ‘Ancelotti is to be notified in the Real Madrid training base class. ‘The President and general manager to find me, I understand that this moment came. They never talk to me about the future, I can feel it the moment came. I did not ask class reasons, because my personality so I hope calm face everything. ‘Ancelotti has been such a refined coach. ‘I never use the big stick policy to the players, but I and the players have also been contradictory. Had cursed the players let my assistant coach Clement get out, but my response is to tell them that you do not have to kick me the ball went to apply for the transfer. ‘I certainly have lost his temper when. Paris Saint-Germain in Evian once we lost, I was very angry, kicked a box kick, Ibrahimovic’s header hit the results. This and Ferguson kicked Beckham almost flying boots. But afterwards we still laugh. ‘Ancelotti is currently living in the three shuttle: Vancouver, London and Italy, he has now completed the neck hernia surgery, coach of Real Madrid’s first two seasons of the ills brought him great pain An Qieluo. pedicle want to re-hold up pointer, but at least until the summer of next year. ‘I received a lot of invitation, but I finally decided to wait until the end of the season. I have three times took over halfway through, the results are not good. Juve took over in February, Milan and Paris in November. If you can find a team next summer, it was great. If not, then I consider the middle of the season and then took over the team. ‘Do you consider the Italian national team Ancelotti smiles:?’ In 2030! ‘He explained,’ a cycle of 12 years in Italy, since 1970. 1970 World Cup finals losing their 82-year championship, losing in the final 94, 2006 win. So for 18 years, Italy will lose the finals, and I will take over the team in 2030. Maybe England will win in 2066. ‘This weekend, Ancelotti led the world star will play in a charity match against Sir Alex Ferguson’s British star team. 周五安 Shuai will have dinner in Manchester and Buddha Ferguson Ancelotti revealed that his goal is to win again . once the Champions League, ‘David Moyes gave me a bottle of Rioja wine in 1959 – this is the year I was born. I’ll keep this bottle of wine, maybe when winning the first four Champions League will open it. I would like to win again in the Champions League. ‘(Karl)

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