And he lost! AC Milan sorely lacking what

After two consecutive victories, the face has three straight Genoa, AC Milan is still not able to make a satisfactory outcome usher. 0-1 score before the game beyond most people’s expectations, before the next round of the competition in addition to the focus of the war against Napoli, the Rossoneri also sacrificed main defender Romagnoli.

Post-match press conference, coach Milkha said this is obviously a disappointing race: “We are always only half the game kicked excellent first half in Udine our performance is very good, but the second half on. completely Panruoliangdui. On the contrary today, the team in the first half of the performance is very poor. In my opinion, we still not bad enough, in one scraping, our players are missing an vicious child. Team nor is it did not create a break opportunity, but several opportunities to let our own wasted. In this game, always think of themselves as AC Milan is of no use, we also need to show their fierce side, rather than Such timid performance today, this is something we need to improve in. ”

For today Romagnoli two yellow and one red sent off, taking no comment Milkha attitude: “For the referee I have nothing to say, and I never make comments Unfortunately did not win. The game, if the game can beat Genoa, we will be able to prove that they have a qualitative improvement in the strength, at the same time continue to rise sharply in the standings,fifa 16 ut coins but unfortunately we have not been able to do so. However, the court also has a positive factor, the entire second half, hit a few people at the situation, we manufacture a lot more than Genoa opportunity, but unfortunately failed to grasp. ”

In Miha’s eyes, the next game against Napoli in fact the game the team needs to be concerned about the most important: “Now we need to do is calm down as soon as possible, a good analysis of the problems in the game, and fully prepare for The next round of the game with Naples. Naples is very strong, they have the strength of strong striker, every game has the ability to score a lot of goals. To some extent, this should be the last thing we want to encounter opponents, because we The defense in the league since the start and lost a lot of balls, but we’ll try to avoid Sunday to let that happen again. “

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