Anxious! AC Milan play on the thigh and the people dry shelf

Away team lost to downstream Genoa, AC Milan once again recognized the seriousness of the situation, six after their 3-3 with nine points ranked temporarily dropped to 10th. Milan defender of the poor state of the game as sleepwalking, Romagnoli final stage in the first half sent off, but the second half of Milan’s attack has been improvement, until the last possible moment there are equalized, club CEO Gary Jani see horror games like a roller coaster almost incontinence in the stands.

The first 10 minutes of the first half just arrived, AC Milan was Benzema Erie broke a record direct free kick, to see the team behind the stands Galliani also very unhappy.

Towards the end of the first half, the teenager Romagnoli select a second yellow card foul tactics to compensate for negligence Zapata sent off, it can be said forcibly thrown back over his teammates pot.

Romagnoli Romagnoli one red and two yellow change a red two-yellowing
AC Milan defense in the first half of chaos, threatening the offensive end of the manufacturing of very few, until the second half, they just completed the first shot in the goal, the ball in the frontcourt Balotelli broke through a defensive player with a flower arrangement foot shot the ball forward pass to Adriano, who shot saved by the goalkeeper.

Balotelli Balotelli juggling ball juggling ball
Seeing deficit, the game is about to end, Milkha the last substitutions left Colombian striker Vaca, but AC Milan thigh playing time too,fifa coins unable to form an effective attack. Game into injury time, impatient Baca conflict and defender Nicolas Burdisso occur, they provoke each other.

The final minute, Milan get a front kick opportunity, Elie Qiangdian header in the penalty area and almost caused lore! Did not see such opportunities into goals, Galliani stands on just about to collapse.

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