Aoduomuka Daishan En Love debut

Former NBA player Lamar – Lamar Odom and wife Kohler – Kardashian work together to go to church to participate in activities.

Easter is an important festival of the West, is the oldest and one of the most significant Christian holiday. It celebrates the resurrection of Christ, Christians around the world to celebrate every year.

Today, and Odom Kohler – Kardashian, as well as other members of the Kardashian family went to church to participate in activities.

From TMZ photographed photos, Kohler – Kardashian dressed very formally today, a white, Odom is more casual dress, and his belly visible.

Odom and Kohler also holding Courtney – Kardashian (Kim – Kardashian and Kohler – Kardashian’s sister) two children.

Lately, Lamar Odom and Kohler – Kardashian frequent appearances in public, but the performance was very sweet and affectionate. Last weekend, they would go out to eat and photographed by the media.

Earlier reports said the body gradually recovered Odom are trying to win back the Kohler – Kardashian’s heart, it seems, is still a good chance of Odom. NBA 2k16 MT coins from,buy now!

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