Argentine official was fined 45,000 Massey refused to accept the award as the fuse


According to “Aspen” message, the America’s Cup Organizing Committee for the Argentina national team a fine of 45,000 euros, the first game after Messi refused to receive the fuse to become one of the best audience.

According to the official America’s Cup rules, the team before the conference to be attended by a coach with a player, but Argentina had two clear violation of this provision. Whether against Paraguay or Uruguay, Argentina coach Martino before the conference is only one person in front of media reporters.

According to the “Aspen” reported, the reason why Argentina was fine, there is another important reason, Messi became the “perpetrators.” After the 2-2 draw with Argentina, Paraguay match, Messi refused to receive the best player award, went straight back to the locker room. While such a scenario is the first time in history, but according to the official America’s Cup, the players refused to be awarded the honor also need to be punished. 1-0 victory over Uruguay and then Argentina, Messi once again been selected as the best player, this is no longer a small flea refuse to accept the award.

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