Arsenal midfielder Robert Pires in an interview

Former Arsenal midfielder Robert Pires in an interview, he said that when Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger is no longer the time, the club may legendary player Henry took the pointer. Q. How can I watch Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger to replace Henry future? Sure, why not? Henry is now coaching license exam, and also participate in the Arsenal Academy U19 teams work, he is a step to prepare He hopes to get coaching license.

But the question is: Arsenal need Henry? which mainly depends on the club level and the President as good as I think
fifa ut ps coins Henry and Patrick Vieira will be the key to the club ready
cheap fifa coins to dump. turnover. Vieira was appointed earlier this week in New York City, United States Major League coach, Robert Pires believes the former Arsenal captain will return to Arsenals future. This for him is a new experience and a new life, he will learn something new. Although the American League, but gotta start his new career. In my opinion, I am convinced that the future of our You can see him.

At first, he was disappointed to not get a job at Arsenal, but he has now understood the Arsenal was the choice. He does not yet get the chance to coach Arsenal Arsenal coach seats. He played nine years at Arsenal, he is one of the most representative of the club captain, he is still learning, I know him very well, I am sure he will teach future of Europes top teams. (off er)

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