Aston Villa vs Manchester City – vice squad leader in combat

15-16 season, the first 12 Premier League, Manchester City will be a guest leader challenge the vice squad Aston Villa, the game is the first PK Premiership Premiership last first. Then live it will also bring the game live netizens. Match properties: the first 12 Premier League Match Time: at 21:30 on November 8 Venue: Villa Park game ANCHOR: Xiaoming game Aspect Aspect 1: Premier League Premier League down a first PK Before the game, Manchester City English Premier League with 25 points to finish first, while Aston Villa are only four points ranked 20th in the league, the Premier League which is a contest between the leaders and the vice squad.

In the last four games of the Premier League Manchester City scored 3 wins and 1 record, and their journey in the Battle of the belly Bournemouth and Newcastle when a single field made at least five goals, so this game face Premier League Aston Villa currently the weakest, they can get a few grains of goals in the game, worthy of attention. Aspect 2: Vera coach’s first show since the poor record of the reason, Sherwood was brutally sacked senior Vera, and his successor is Frenchman Gardner. United last round in the stands to witness the 1-3 defeat at Aston Villa Tottenham, I believe in that game Gardner also staffing the team have a certain understanding.

From the standings to see, Vera bottom currently only four points away from the relegation zone to escape they need at least four points, so before Gardner will be a hot potato. It is worth mentioning that the game Delphi will also return to Villa Park to face former team, how he will play in the game, it will be cause for concern.
click here The two sides clash record in the league the past 13 encounters, Manchester City got 10 wins, while Aston Villa won only two games. In the last three league encounters, Manchester City unbeaten. Manchester City once a guest at Villa Park with a 2-0 win, scoring respectively Yaya – Toure and Aguero.

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