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grill can gather the people.” Argentines Moyano said. Moyano is Barcelona “9 Queen” the chef, this restaurant sector investment from a number of football out, including the former Espanyol player bosses Havel and the BSA, as well as Barcelona midfielder Maas Chela Snow. Moyano said: “There is a basic requirement barbecue, that is to cut meat well Leo (Messi) Like most succulent, tender of coke barbecue..” Mascherano, Moyano The others insist that Uruguay and Argentina barbecue grill is not much difference, “perhaps cut a little differently, that’s all.”

Barcelona players, barbecue with friends and family is more like an excuse to party, like weekend get-togethers. And when your family in the distance, or family also immigrated to Spain, then the barbecue itself is a good opportunity to make new friends. Mascherano did not want to talk about this, it seems that barbecue is like the secret of the success of the locker room. But we all know, Barcelona’s trident outstanding reason is because of the good relations at their field, court minds think alike.

Neymar said: “An Argentine, a Uruguayan and a Brazilian got along well, which is very rare, but Barcelona is so maintained a good relationship between us, outside the court if the place very well. So everything will be a lot easier on the court. ”

Barcelona players together and the barbecue has become a common sight, either after the victory over Sevilla, or against Paris Saint-Germain before, we have a barbecue, “we often barbecue, of course, not every week barbecue.”

Barbecue meat are generally open from Javier Mascherano, restaurants, and a barbecue place is also determined by Javier Mascherano, Barcelona players in the eyes, Javier Mascherano is “grill master.” The process of barbecue and play on the court, just as the distribution of roles. Mascherano often turning meat grill before additional material, he is very patient, calm, and not be slow, “This is my favorite, I can relate to this process from the start to the world.” Alves , Neymar, Suarez, Bravo, Adriano, Iniesta, Xavi, Messi and Barcelona player wives, girlfriends, have enjoyed Mascherano grilled food.

Prepare salad generally are Mascherano and Alves is responsible for funny Brazilians are always some whimsy, Messi always joked that he liked “play the fool.” Alves also likes to play music at the barbecue site, but if Neymar in that scene when DJ is on the 11th of Barcelona. Suarez’s mission is to give everyone ready mate, then what Macy’s mission? Who visited the scene said: “Leo do nothing ought to have personal and do nothing..” Mascherano then laughed:. “Fool, Leo play, that’s enough.”

Messi enjoyed the barbecue. Site disclosed that Macy loves to play with children, including of course, and his chubby son Tiago play. He’s like a wet nurse, laughing, very attractive for the little ones.

Messi and Suarez good relationship, they do not talk on the training ground scene is very rare. Insider said: “Leo believes Suarez suffered the punishment is not fair, in fact Leo himself just experienced something similar, it was not registered, he has been unable to play for months.” Macy’s Suarez wife and wife relationship is also very good, which makes the two get along very well.

Messi and Neymar is another kind of relationship. Insider said: “Neymar was a little guy, after Japan recognizes Messi, Messi he has been feeling Gaoshanyangzhi day, Messi first privately and then publicly Nei Maer said, do not. for he was so respected. He made Neymar ‘find his own’, for Barcelona scored more goals. from the heart, Leo the day on Ronaldinho grateful for his care, and now he wanted This Big Brother feeling when passed to Neymar. ”

In training they encourage each other on the pitch they find each other.Weekend, Barcelona player bites while sipping mate tea flavor Uruguay, in a family atmosphere, they confided. Drinking bowl, large pieces of meat, argues that gold and silver, I happy. Stadium under harmonious, bringing continued success on the pitch

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