Barcelona new season 11 list

After San Mames 0-4 after the defeat, Enrique magnitude too large rotation strategy subjected to criticism, second leg return to the Nou Camp, although the score 1-1 failed to reverse the situation, but at least the Barcelona Marshal finally to comply with public opinion, discharge the team is currently the strongest lineup, which the goalkeeper position changes most cause for concern.

The game, Barcelona are going with the 4-3-3 formation, front from right to left is Messi, Suarez and Pedro, midfield trio Busquets, Andres Iniesta and Rakitic, two side defender is Alves and Mathieu, central defensive partner is PG for horses and Javier Mascherano. Familiar with the game in Barcelona fans know, until Neymar and Alba return from injury, they will replace Pedro and Mathieu, the ten no accident will also continue to Barcelona for the new season as the starter.

However, starting lineup biggest surprise or in the goalkeeper position, Enrique campaign with Bravo to replace the previous performance poor Myrtle Shi roots appearance, a move that has been declared the new season will be in limbo. According to Enrique season rotation strategy, Bravo played the carling, Patel n roots playing all the cup competitions, apparently, Enrique this time chose break his rules.

For the problem of the new season goalkeeper rotation, Enrique after the game, said: “I do not know, they do not know. I would make the best choice I think, probably not the same as last season.”

Indeed, Myrtle Shi roots had two competition’s performance can be described as bad, in the European Super Cup and the Spanish Super Cup first leg, the German small lion for a total of eight watched each other to break their goal. However, opponents in the two games altogether only 10 shots hit frame range within.

Myrtle Shi roots only 23 years old, for him, so young stand in front of the Barcelona goal may not be the best choice, Enrique trust in him is more evolved into a kind of hurt. From the current situation, the next season, Bravo will certainly continue to serve as the league’s starting goalkeeper, and the Champions League and the king’s Cup once played a key game, Enrique’s first choice is still likely to be Bravo.

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