Bayern ahead of defending league refused to renew local teenager was performance opportunities

And a bench to sit five Spanish players echoed that campaign starting lineup, Guardiola fielded as many as nine Germans, this is the first time in 16 years, the last time dates back to 1999 6-3 a battle to beat Freiburg.Bayern’s final goal, it is also with two local players. Schweinsteiger fatal blow, largely thanks to the teenager Weise had four people on the sidewalks, even the wonderful performances.

Weise appears in the left-back position in the first half, due to the area near the coach, Guardiola often get guidance. Abnormal dull first half, but the first 40 minutes Weise from the bottom line at the start of the party even had three people out of the ball Ex become “bright spots.” This both fascinating and bold play, perhaps the only young people dare, melon handsome certainly do not want the key to the game later in the disciples so get insurance.

Weise left after little kick, melon handsome second half to get him back on the right, so just have to continue to facilitate its own orders. The first 80 minutes, Weise finally in the right place “Reckless,” the one: Remove the front right after the other siege ball, he leaned open black Grenoble, wading Genki Haraguchi, from Schell Bray and Pulatengha drilled between special, restricted the right to knock aid unguarded Schweinsteiger 15 yards outside the right corner of the goal scored Tui.

Weise so mad sudden pull the wind, Noelle joked: “! I also want to get him the ball,” praised the melon handsome Weise made a genius move. Weise last Tuesday with a victory against Porto, celebrating the 21st birthday. His 2012 to € 800,000 came from the relegation Cologne Bayern, as he did in Cologne first team appearances too, many people are skeptical of this transfer.

Weise was rented six months after joining Kaiserslautern played half the season second division, will still be able to return to Bayern into the squad is victory. Melon handsome first season, but in the case of advance Weise won three league games played. But winter training this season, Weise contract expiring suddenly awake, sporting director Matthias Sammer praised Weise finally understand how to gain a foothold in Bayern.

Melon handsome saw Weise efforts, this war is his fifth representative Bayern in the Bundesliga debut.Weise Stuttgart on 20 pairs completed the first assists, the first 22 Bundesliga match against Paderborn complete the first ball, the first 28 pairs of Frankfurt again assists. But, and that three times compared to this time, but the winning pass. Weise many times before kick right winger, so this attack routine is not strange, “Today, the game is very difficult, we remain patient and received in return.”

Before the news that Bayern will not renew Weise, also rejected the invitation Benfica, multi-branch Bundesliga teams reportedly interested in him. When asked whether the game will retain melon handsome Weise said that, after the end of the season, we should sit down and talk again. Emphasizes the club sporting director Matthias Sammer has not yet entered the stage of planning for next season.

At the beginning of the second half melon handsome 18-year-old rookie has put Kurt, who from Borussia winger last summer to 2.5 million price to join in the campaign to usher in the end Bayern first team debut. From the field performance, Kurt has the speed but also the ability to break through, but that is the debut, somewhat stiff, yet unable to form a tacit understanding with his teammates.

Kurt potential is that people recognized, Borussia therefore efforts last summer to the last minute, only reluctantly agreed that he switched to Bayern. Sources said that Kurt might be next season out on loan to get more competition opportunities. Kurt was replaced Gaudino is 18 years old, was returned many times after the initial appearance of the youth team this season, most recently again get the chance. And Weise, like Gaudino’s father is also a former Bundesliga star. When asked whether his son prepare loan to other teams when the Lao Gao Dino give a clear negative answer.

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