Benitez Real Madrid transformation step: rotation Cristiano Ronaldo limit his appearances

Romania has always been a strong fighting spirit, never tired known, each season, he’s ready to be all the games, you do not want to miss even one minute of playing time. But next season, every game he probably can not play for 90 minutes, the Spanish “ABC” revealed Benitez wants to cut the number of C Luo playing time next season, he was ready to let C Luo in some games when Substituted or advance to be replaced. 4000 minutes, the playing time limit Benitez to Cristiano Ronaldo settings.

Benitez to Real Madrid, is to help the team solve several issues outstanding recent seasons. First, the team in the final stage of their injury problems last season, and the second is to solve the Ancelotti era underperforming team in case of lack of response to the problem. Benitez hopes to solve the problem with a progressive reform. And he is first prepared to do is Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti have not done: rotate the team’s top star C Luo, let him a season of playing time is not more than 4000 minutes. Last season, Cristiano Ronaldo playing time up to 4845 minutes.

2013 and 2014, C Lo poor performance is the final stage of the season, is also the case last season, Cristiano Ronaldo in January and February through the state trough. Depressed state Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid lost the La Liga and the King’s Cup, the team at the Mestalla, Calderon and the San Mames have suffered a defeat.

Any game, Cristiano Ronaldo hold to play, Benitez saw a lot of game Real Madrid in recent seasons, he saw, April 25, 2013 for Dortmund, in the case of Cristiano Ronaldo left knee injury is still adhere to play, But in the end Real Madrid 1 to 4 defeat. Cristiano Ronaldo poor condition, he injured tortured disease. 2013-14 season, C Ronaldo’s injury became serious, Bell and Ramos to help Real Madrid get the Champions League, while the Cristiano Ronaldo has been exhausted. Champions League final, Cristiano Ronaldo play, but only recovered to 70% fitness, he did not play a decisive role.

Last season, Cristiano Ronaldo has been in competition with Messi goals in all competitions are conducted competition, this contest so that he can not rest for a minute. Held in Morocco from the Club World Cup start, Cristiano Ronaldo state decreased significantly, did not hit a ball on the Club World Cup. In January, Cristiano Ronaldohimself admits: “I could not have been in good condition, it is not my best time.”

Cristiano Ronaldo recession lasted until February, the Madrid derby Atletico lost 4-0 at is down to the lowest point. After 1 to 1 draw with Villarreal, 1-0 loss to Athletic Bilbao, he did not achieve the best results. Real Madrid lose this championship. Next season, Benitez will control the Cristiano Ronaldos playing time, not to let him play endlessly.

Benitez and his fitness coach Miguel, will race classification, they want to play a decisive role when to come forward, rather than indiscriminately in all the games are played. Critical period in April and May is the season, then started the Champions League quarter-finals, the league has entered into the final 10.

Benitez and Miguel knows how to control the player’s playing time, in fact they did that time in Liverpool, Torres deeply understands. Torres did not understand why some games are arranged to sit the bench, the coach explained that he needed a given group of physical distribution. Benitez and his assistants want players to reach 9 percent of the state, but not more than this state. Players are not doing all they could, because that is easy for muscle injury.

Based on this idea, Benitez hopes a season Cristiano Ronaldo is not more than 4000 minutes of playing time, that is, about 40 games played the full 90 minutes, there are 10 games to sit on the bench or end up ahead. The question now is, do not want to let one minute of playing time in the C Ronaldo, Benitez is willing to accept things like that?



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