Best defensive lineup

The league today announced the best defensive lineup for the 2016-17 season, with Warren Deremund – Green and the Spurs’ Kauai – Leonard leading the best defense.

Green (198 points, 99 sheets of votes), Rudy – Gobert (196 points, 97 sheets of votes) and Kauai (192 points, 93 sheets of votes) with the undisputed strength of this year’s best Defensive for a while.

It is worth mentioning that Green, Gebert and Kauai is the ultimate defender of this year’s best defender.

The other two players were the best defensive player of the Clippers Chris Paul (140 points, 61 sheets of votes) and the Rockets Patrick – Beverly (110 points, 38 sheets of votes).

This is Paul for the sixth consecutive year selected for the best defensive while, his career was selected for the seventh time. Beverly is the first time to be selected for the best defense, he was selected in the 2013-14 season, the best defensive second array.

The best defense of the year was also announced, with the Grizzlies ‘Tony Allen (80 points, 17 draws), the Spurs’ Danny Green (68 points, 21 rounds of votes ), The Pelican team’s Anthony Davis (58 points), the Thunder’s Andre-Robertson (53 points, three rounds of votes) and the Bucks letter brother (35 points, seven rounds of votes). [Small guns to force! Smart Secret of the global foot basket color] [new 1 yuan] [download APP]

In addition, the other players to get votes are Ivor – Bradley (46 points), Cray – Thompson (45 points), John – Wall, Dean Andrew – Jordan (35 points) and Paul – Millsap ( 35) and so on. buy nba 2k17 mt coins at, build your pink diamond card now!

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