Blessed! 8 battle undefeated Orangemen in Changsha

12-0! Orangemen beat Bhutan in the field, and after the game, although the Orangemen still ranked third group, but less competition round, and the next round of the game, the Orangemen will be directly PK Hong Kong, China. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese men’s soccer game is Long Stadium in the first eight games, and that all the Chinese team eight games unbeaten,
fifa 17 coins four wins, four draws unbeaten. June 19, 2005 China 2-2 Costa Rica at 19:30 on June 19, 2005, the Orangemen in Changsha friendlies with Costa Rica, which is in charge of the national football pointer after Zhu first time in the domestic debut, eventually the two sides battle into a 2-2 Ping, Zhang Yaokun and Sun Xiang for the Chinese team accomplishment.

This game is the first Chinese men’s soccer match in Changsha, November 16, 2005 China 0-0 in Bulgaria November 16, 2005, the Chinese national team sits at the Changsha He Long Stadium to start with the Bulgarian national team friendlies, the Chinese team in the game occupy a certain advantage, although Wang Liang and Sun Xiang has a great threat to the center, but ultimately failed to score, the results of a goalless draw with rivals 0-0. This game is the Chinese team in the 2005 finale, this draw but also to the end of the then national football team battle with the European embarrassing record losing streak. November 15, 2006 China 1-1 Iraq November 15, 2006, the 2007 Asian Cup qualifying group match last game, the Chinese team in Changsha against Iraq, the Chinese team played well the first half, pressing each other even once played by Han Peng in the first 40 minutes outflank break.

But the Iraqi team fought back in the second half, the Chinese team into a passive, the Iraqi team by virtue of the 17th Ahmed headed
fifa 17 coins home in the 1-1 draw with the Chinese team. February 22, 2012 China Kuwait 2-0 at 19:35 on February 22, 2012, the Chinese national team in Changsha He Long Sports Center, and visiting Kuwait carried out in an international friendly match, which is the national football first in 2012 games. After 90 minutes of fighting, the Orangemen 2-0. Match the first 42 minutes, Zhao Xuri and Tara – A Lanzi conflict, both of whom were sent off. First half injury time, Zheng Zheng Gao Lin received a pass in the top of the key turned to volley into the world wave. The first 78 minutes, three players off the bench to complete the fatal blow, in the big treasure received Dianshe to seal the victory in the sea pass. Camacho made in 2012 under the command of the national football debut victory.

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