Brady pony race has nothing to do with revenge

Brady: the game has nothing to do with revenge pony After Brady (Tom Brady) and the leak of a series of controversial match ball from the Indianapolis Colts beat the Patriots in the American League Championship.

offseason around New England Patriots quarterback Tom initial. The two sides will meet again in the next game. Want to feel the entire Boston area Pony seek revenge, he complained to the referee colt began these things. But Brady did not see the game so heavy, he told the media on Monday that he regarded as just another ordinary game
madden 16 coins match. we’ll do what we do every week, Brady said.

We will try to prepare as we always did, we strive to win the game. We will try to have the ball every time to score, just like every other game in the same each time. The game and play the game again before the game or no difference. Our execution is better, the more we will be able to pay would. Obviously offensive group’s task is playing to score. Offensive team not to play to play after several attacks and punt … we will try to show appearances. This is what we will do.Brady asked whether you want to pony revenge is a good idea it appears to be a normal response. But he rejected the idea. Instead, he said he would continue to focus on execution of the
mut 16 coins offensive group, communication and details. And has always been the same, Brady said the right words. Next game his performance and reaction Samaranch his true feelings.

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