British media Chelsea intends to Iguazu Yinkesita future in doubt Chelsea

Bad start to the season, star striker Costa state also deteriorated, but the Spanish striker and defender of the court and fight entanglement has never stopped, and Costa himself is never bored, and will not change their say way of playing, which also attracted a lot of trouble for the Blues. Premier League 12 Costa scored only 2 goals, bad state. Falcao then the bird is no longer feared tiger,
official website only the Blues since joining the team into a ball.

In related news, the Blues scouts can not wait to find a new striker in January so the winter window of reinforcing a striker. Blues executives still support Mourinho. Napoli striker Higuain is one of his
fifa coins shooters on the wish list, the former Real Madrid striker outstanding performance this season, the team continuously break, Higuain Moody handsome worked three seasons at the Bernabeu, who lost in the examination room gunman He is likely to be staged mentoring reunited play at Stamford Bridge.

But realistically speaking, the probability of the deal in the summer of next year will be completed a little higher, especially in Naples would not easily sell their leading scorer, they want to get a large transfer fee from the Argentine body. Such news also makes Costa future Blues more elusive. After a ubiquitous first Premiership season, the Spanish striker in the efficiency of Stamford Bridge has been watered down, his style has attracted more controversy. Costa also is trying to catch up with the blue killer last season. (Heater)

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