Broker Doumbia do not want to go back to Rome, he wanted to stay in CSKA

Return to CSKA Moscow’s Ivorian striker Doumbia state hot, brokers say the players
fifa 17 coins do not want to return to Rome already. This summer, the Ivorian people have been on loan to CSKA Rome. Until January 2015, and his term lease to expire. But this time he will be back in Rome want to have great difficulty, as his agent Jean Bernard Beytrison to say: ‘I can not bring other related news, the news of my income is from the newspaper but me.

just want to say one thing: Doumbia want to stay in CSKA I do not know whether he will return to Rome, but some things are conclusive, that he does not want to go back now I have no contact with Rome, and I do not understand their
fut 17 coins true intention. ‘But the Russian team also face other teams competing, the English Premier League West Ham United a few days to Africa striker revealed great interest in recent years.

CSKA’s senior Oleg Yarovinsky said: ‘Everything had to look at the tripartite talks, CSKA, Rome and most importantly we will be the player himself after last year’s, is the Champions League match with PSV Eindhoven. ‘Doumbia league fame in Switzerland, during Ruichao effect, he scored 50 goals in 64 league games. With excellent play in Switzerland, Doumbia joined CSKA Moscow in 2010, and became the absolute main team, CSKA Doumbia on behalf of a total of 87 games and scored 56 goals in all competitions. After this summer, 27-year-old Doumbia back to Russia, quickly getting back the feeling of scoring, on behalf of the team played 17 games, contributed 11 goals and five assists. (I called Leonardo da Vinci)

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