Bryant and bull story had to say

Los Angeles Lakers away to the Chicago Bulls, this is Bryant’s career last visited the “Windy City.” Ultimately, the Lakers lost to 115 than 126 bulls, suffered a 5 game losing streak this season is still in the mud traveled alone(get more buy NBA 2K16 MT).

Lakers and Bulls once have hit 3 consecutive Albert, considered the giants of the NBA, Kobe Bryant and Jordan are also frequently used for comparison. Bryant and the Bulls also little-known segment of the story.

In 2004, after the Lakers F4 sink like a stone, the old Thief “OK combination” that summer also parted ways, “Shark” East trips to Miami, leaving the Lakers Kobe alone led. The following season, missing the playoffs the Lakers even, and as opposed to the shark in Miami was a success.

At that time, the Lakers squad, in addition to Bryant, is full of some pushovers, which also led the team difficult to return to former heights. 2005-2006 season, despite Kobe Bryant in the regular season single-game record 81 points in miracles, but the Lakers still lost in the first round of the playoffs the Suns. 2006-2007 season, the Lakers lost to the Suns in the first round again, Bryant finally the team’s lineup lost patience. The summer of 2007, Bryant made a deal to team application.

Recalled those past, Bryant said: “Chicago is my first choice.” In fact, that summer, the Lakers and the Bulls conducted intensive negotiations. Lakers out of the offer is: If you want to get Bryant Bulls, Noah must away, Gordon, Nocioni and Thomas, but also to append a future first-round draft picks. Bryant admitted he was already planned in Chicago to see the house, the family prepared to move out of Los Angeles. Ultimately, however, the Bulls refused the Lakers “robbery” type of offer.

Summer 2007 trade rumors ultimately failed to make the trip, Bryant left the team final. However, the Lakers also did not last long decline. The middle of the 2007-2008 season, the Lakers through a fantastic deal from Memphis in exchange for a combination of Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Bynum again to make the team returned to the western peak, they 2008- 2009 season, two championship 2009-2010 season.source:nba mt coin

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