Buffon Juve’s goal has always been a champion

Juventus captain Gianluigi Buffon said that they are always in the fight
fifa 16 coins for the title, but he also said, now talking about winning a little unrealistic. After the last round 0-0 draw with Inter, and now they ranked 14th in the standings. But Buffon said they did not withdraw from the competition, he said:. ‘The teams are interested in winning hope we lose, they want to bury us, did not participate in the championship Juventus they will be more relaxed but it is not like they want as we have been in the fight for the title if we can continue last week’s performance, we are not out, and now the team is very strong, the players once again unite together.

He then said:We have fought Rome, Naples and Inter Milan, and the whole is
ut coin traders on the road. Other teams will also be faced with and their bouts.’re talking about the league is not too realistic, but if we come together again, so I’m sure we still powerful competitors. I hope to before Christmas, and the top teams we can narrow the gap to 5,6 points, and now we sent them nine points, which is not much, ‘Buffon said:’ I was wounded in the Giuseppe Meazza But I will soon recover. This is not a big problem, because the team has other outstanding goalkeeper. Neto replace me gatekeepers have no difference. ‘

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