C Lo I do not want to make money as well go to Qatar

C Lo said, if you want to join his former club Manchester United’s rivals Manchester City, it is better to move to Qatar. When the ‘BBC’ asked to interview a possible future move, C Lo replied: ‘? I am now 30 years old, you think money will change my choice I do not think so, I do not consider the issue of money.’ If you want to make money then I will go to Qatar to play, there may be able to earn more than in Manchester.

But now is not the
www.fifaultimateteams money, it is important my love for football.’ For the performance of Manchester United after Sir Alex Ferguson retire, C Luo added: ‘it is difficult to see such a situation, I love this club, I certainly would like to see Manchester United can return to the original level. ‘(Uncle Owen)

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