C Lo scoring drought because back injury?

In this season, C Luo race in crop failure. Including warm-up match, C Lo 9 games down only scored one goal. C Lo in the end how? Western media had been thought that the problem lies in Benitez body, C Ronaldo fight for Bell Frontal This tactic was very suited. However, according to “Mr. Football” magazine reported that, C Luo real problem lies in the injury, back injury that has plagued him.

Recently, the Real Madrid star C Luo paid 30,000 euros to buy one, and his life-sized wax, in addition, C Luo individual sculptures all over the world, but good and bad production quality, “statue control” C Luo said: “If you want to express tribute to the most Fortunately, when still alive, he says that I do not agree and so died after their tribute. ”
In preparing for this summer period, C Luo Mendes after attending the wedding and return to Madrid began to recuperate. Because of lower back discomfort, C Luo rest three warm-up matches. After the comeback, C Luo and have not been to the ball. It is reported that C Lo is currently only holding Liucheng state, whenever he wants to accelerate his back will feel pain.

C Luo has been the thirties, in recent years, he did more and more injuries. In the previous year and a half, C Luo left knee injury has been cause for concern. Now, he has been troubled by a back injury stubborn. Real Madrid recently more intensive schedule, C Luo will be difficult to find time to rest and recover back injury.

This weekend, Real Madrid will be in the away game against Espanyol. In the “World Sports Daily” It seems, C Luo broken shortage is likely to get the chance. In the last season, Real Madrid away 4 to 1 victory over the Spaniards, C Luo hat-trick. Spanish Real Madrid basically give up after encountering resistance, C Romania will have a great opportunity to brush data.

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