Carolina Panthers waived defensive end Johnson

Carolina Panthers announced Thursday
buy madden 16 coins that they have waived defensive end Charles – Johnson (Charles Johnson). The 29-year-old passing hand due to the impact of $ 15 million salary cap takes up his next season and become potential candidates to be cut. After he cut the Panthers will save about $ 11 million in salary cap space. Charles has long been off the playing field is an important player Carolina Panthers, general manager Dave – Gaite Man (Dave Gettleman) said in a statement.

His numbers speak for themselves, as the team captain, he led the way you want the team by the power of example. I wish him the future of everything. Johnson Panthers spent nine seasons, his career as the team most of the time the main impact of passing hand. He made a total of 9 years 63.5 sacks, but last season he made only 1 sack 7 tackles in nine regular-season games. In last week’s NFL body measurements camp, Gaite Man twice about whether Johnson will leave the team avoided answering the question.
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He will be one of the reasons to hesitate as Johnson’s injury history. But in the end the team feel after considering layoffs. According to reports, before Johnson cut the Panthers had hoped him to accept a pay cut. However, Johnson decided to test the free agent market. If Johnson is not in the free agent market to get a better offer and eventually return to the Panthers, do not be surprised. Like – Mario Williams (Mario Williams) such a name in this offseason and will be linked to the Panthers, but do not expect big signing Gaite Man, this is not his style. Instead, the Panthers may have extra cap space lock their own free agents and increase rotation player. Johnson cut to play in the Super Bowl in excellent Coney – Erie (Kony Ealy) to pave the way to get more playing time. Panthers reportedly also like their young defensive end Arthur – Merina (Arthur Miley) and Laji Mu – Cox (Rakim Cox).

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