Celtics preseason unbeaten Knicks melon capture 14 4 Williams 19 points

YORK, October 17 reported: the New York Knicks in the preseason unbeaten. Although Anthony 14 shots 4 only 8 points, but Williams kept firmly off the bench to get 19 points and five rebounds, Aokui En, Vujacic and Oerlikon have scored in double figures, they lead the team lead in the second half advantage, the Knicks at home to 101-95 win over the Boston Celtics. Knicks preseason to get four in a row, the Celtics’ three-game winning streak was ended, they
nba 2k16 mt points encounter the first pre-season defeat. Knicks Williams had 19 points and five rebounds, Ao Kuien had 13 points and 11 rebounds, and Vujacic scored 10 points and five rebounds, Oerlikon scored 10 points, Anthony 14 voted 4 to get 8 points and four rebounds, Efulaluo 8 points and 5 rebounds.

Celtics Thomas had 13 points and five assists, Zeller had 12 points and four rebounds, Turner had 11 points, four rebounds and three assists, Young scored 10 points, Johnson had eight points, Sa Challenger get 5 points and 10 rebounds. Afflalo Knicks preseason debut, the Celtics continue to use the Thomas episode. Afflalo and Anthony after the start into the state faster, they teamed up 9 points, the Knicks lead to 13-4. Bradley and Thomas were cast in the third, the Celtics 10-0 counterattack wave hit, they overtake in the first section there are 4 minutes and 35 seconds. Vujacic response to the third, Thomas again in the third, O’Leary Nick Johnson and Turner turns the score, the Celtics in the first section have 1 minute 50 seconds to 25-20 lead. Aokui En debut off the bench with 5 points, Williams-thirds vote, the Knicks at the end of the first section to 31-32 behind a sub. Galloway and Oerlikon are two-thirds vote, the Knicks II began shortly after the go-ahead score. Claude and Hunter three of four penalties, Grant sank two free throws, Afflalo thirds stabilize the situation quickly returned fire, three minutes before halftime when the Knicks to 48-41 lead.

Bradley hit a jumper, he lead the team to counterattack wave hit 6-0 of catching the score, Williams, Vujacic and Lopez each had two points, the Knicks scored six points to end the second quarter, they In 54-47 lead seven minutes. Knicks Afflalo scored eight points in the first half, Oerlikon also get 8 points; the Celtics Thomas had eight points. Third quarter began after the two teams you come to me, the score alternating increase, Vujacic hit a jumper, the third quarter was five
nba mt points minutes when the Knicks to 65-55 lead 10 points. Turner hit back three-pointers, he led his unit wave of attacks hit 7-0, the Celtics quickly close the gap to three points. Knicks suspend Houaokuien and Williams layup, respectively, Zeller break dunk, Yang hit a jumper, Sullinger four penalty three consecutive fouls, the Celtics in the third quarter and 2 minutes 10 seconds when the chase 71-72. Williams answered with three points, the Knicks to 77-73 lead four minutes, and ended the third quarter.

Williams even with a fine cast to get 4 points, the Knicks began to expand in the fourth quarter advantage. Lian take 5 minutes to close the gap, Galloway answered with a three-pointer, Williams hit a jumper again, the fourth quarter and 5 minutes and 55 seconds when the Knicks to 90-85 lead. Mickey and Yang turns offensive chase points score to help the Celtics, the Knicks favorably, Vujacic, Williams and Sampson each a three-pointer, the fourth quarter also 57.4 seconds when the Knicks to 99- 91 lead eight minutes. Celtic last time powerless, they lost 95-101. Celtics starting lineup: Thomas, Bradley, Claude Johnson, Lee Knicks starting lineup: Calderon, Efulaluo, Anthony, Thomas, Lopez

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