Champions League – Rakitic Push 2 assists Neymar Barca 2-0 off wins

Click to watch highlights 2015-16 season, the Champions League Group E first three of a focus on war started competing in Borisov Arena, Barcelona away to Borisov of Belarus team. First half, both sides had no achievements. The first 48 minutes of the second half, Rakitic long shots to break the deadlock. The first 63 minutes, Rakitic lob to expand the score. Final match will end in a 2-0 win over Barcelona Borisov, Neymar sent two assists, Rakitic scored twice.

In the last round of La Liga, first staged Luckiest Man Neymar to join Barcelona after the current state extremely well, Messi injury these days Brazilians need to play their due role. Round face Borisov of Belarus team, Barcelona still want to solid defense, find offensive state. Borisov although weaker in this group, but in the last round game, sits at home in their 3-2 win over Italian giants Roma, indeed, broke a popular, but it also reflects the combat effectiveness of their home . Personnel, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, Iniesta, Rafinha will continue to miss, ‘the defense Weiermalun might return to the field. The two sides had in the 2011-12 season, twice in the group stage clash, Barcelona home and away respectively 4-0,5-0 double play opponents. After the first half began, Barca took advantage of the field.

The first three minutes, the ball inside the penalty area Neymar endo selected, the last shot was confiscated by the goalkeeper. The first five minutes, a long pass Alves transferred to the left, Neymar inverted triangle pass to the restricted area arc, Busquets’s long-range wide of the goal. The first eight minutes, Alba left the crosses, quality Roberto header is not high. The first nine minutes, Barcelona issued a corner, shakes Leipzig Suarez bottom line is entrusted goalkeeper. The first 10 minutes, Barcelona or corner kick opportunities, low ball sweep in, Suarez left foot hit the door was saved by the goalkeeper. The first 19 minutes, a long pass in the circle near Neymar, pass Alves forward runs after the goalkeeper denied the bottom line. The first 29 minutes, Neymar free kick reached the restricted area, Busquets sweep to the front, but no player outflank place the ball from in front of the glide. The first 35 minutes, Baltra periphery try long shots, the ball wide of the goal. The first 39 minutes, Alves plagioclase reached the penalty
fifa 16 coins cheap area unmarked Rakitic header over the crossbar.

The first 44 minutes, close to run the ball Neymar, closed top of the arc the ball hit his foot, the ball wide of the post. The first half end of the game, Borisov 0-0 draw at home to Barcelona temporarily. Easy side battles the second half, Barcelona or control of the situation in the field. The first 47 minutes, Neymar issued corner, Pique leaned hoisting goalkeeper care of the bottom line. The first 48 minutes, Barcelona’s chance to counterattack, after Neymar become inwardly cut assigned to the middle, Rakitic follow long-range kicker, the ball tag through the top left corner, Borisov 0-1 Barcelona! The first 52 minutes, Alves right-sided pass, Neymar towards the ball volley, the ball just wide of the post after the
fifa 16 coins bomb. The first 54 minutes, Barcelona before the games fit, Mascherano forward pass to the restricted area, Munir hit the door above the crossbar. The first 63 minutes, or chance to counterattack Barcelona, ​​Neymar becomes inwardly cut reached the right side of the penalty area, Rakitic after the forward runs lob the keeper to break, Borisov 0-2 Barcelona!

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