Champions League – small pea De Rossi Leverkusen 4-4 with two goals each in Rome

Click to watch the third round of the 2015-16 UEFA Champions League Group E video, Leverkusen vs. Rome. Hernandez scored twice, De Rossi then scored twice in the match, Pjanic scored a direct free kick go-ahead score, Roman counterattack Gervinho use assists Falco broke expand the lead, 1 minute Neikanpuer, Mehmet Moody have been scored in the match, Leverkusen 4-4 in Rome. After two rounds, Rome received only a sub-group bottom, four points of Barcelona, ​​Bayer Leverkusen, Borisov with a third, if the current round defeat again, Rome group stages of increasing difficulty.

This season, Pjanic’s free-kick the Roman team scoring tool, Leverkusen array also has a free-kick expert – Oulu Khan Pradesh, two free-kick of the game is also a great master of the duel Aspect. Start of the game the first half, Leverkusen first kick-off. 1 minute, Kanpur on the right inverted triangle pass, sweat Pradesh Oulu long-range defensive player who hit the post in front of Hernandez header top high refraction. 2 minutes, sweat Pradesh Oulu left baseline pass, hit the arm, the referee ordered a penalty kick, a small pea Hernandez takes the lower left corner of the goal Tui fool Nigerian ball into. Bayer Leverkusen 1-0 in Rome.

11 minutes, Rome Gervinho long pass on the right, straight out of the edges. 12 minutes, before Gervinho on the right then straight to an open, Leno attack the penalty area the ball damage. 15 minutes, Jonathan backcourt turnovers, Gervinho steals points to the right Salah, Salah back to Pjanic, Pjanic long shots, shoot the ball Leno. 18 minutes, Leverkusen steals, sweat Pradesh Oulu straight inserted into the restricted area of ​​Hernandez, Hernandez Tui blocked subsequently succeeded blank range. Hernandez scored twice, Bayer Leverkusen 2-0 in Rome. 21 minutes, Florencio Qi sent to the front corner was rescue, peripheral Nayingelan hit long-range high. 23 minutes, Rome quick counterattack, Florencio Sarkozy to the restricted area before Nayingelan, Nayingelan lateral plate to the box, suddenly fell to the ground, referee diving.

28 minutes, Salah after the right speed to break through the siege. 29 minutes, Pjanic corner kick sent into the box, Leno did not shoot the ball away with ease, Las Mano De Rossi header put to the front, after stopping De Rossi fired the ball into the Lewo Courson 2-1 Rome. 31 minutes, than the right pass, Hernandez points Mianduikongmen top after a bomb Earth, higher. 32 minutes, Digne cross from the left, before the point of barbed Jonathan siege. 33 minutes, Rome long pass, stopping after Gervinho Papadopoulos met, Gervinho fell in the penalty area, the referee without making express. 37 minutes, before Pjanic sent to locate the ball in front of the penalty area, De Rossi forward runs Dianshe break, De Rossi scored twice in the match, Leverkusen 2-2 in Rome.

40 minutes, Nayingelan restricted line hit long-range high. 43 minutes, Rome sent the corner into the box, before the point was Jonathan siege. The first half end of the game, Hernandez scored twice, followed by Roma captain Daniele De Rossi scored twice in the match. Bayer Leverkusen 2-2 in
fifa 16 coins cheap Rome. The second half begins, the Roman circle tee. 49 minutes, front left Pjanic sent a free kick into the box, but Donati header siege to the own goal, Leno jump ball asked the beam. 50 minutes, Kanpur hugged outside the area long-range Szczesny. 52 minutes, Gervinho form single-handedly run the ball inside the penalty area hit the Leno Tongshe chest. 53 minutes, Pjanic restricted area before the free kick directly break! Rome will go-ahead score, Bayer Leverkusen 2-3 in Rome. 57 minutes, sweat Pradesh Oulu Mano Las cross from the left was denied the bottom line. 62 minutes, Nayingelan restricted line left foot hit the door was clinging to the goalkeeper.

63 minutes, the restricted area within Pradesh Khan Oulu place kicker hit the door, he blocked the bottom line. 66 minutes, Kanpur peripheral hit long-range high. 67 minutes, within Kabul straight plug Brent, Brent penalty area the ball left foot hit the door was clinging Shenqinsini. 70 minutes, Roman counterattack, Florencio Qi ball into the penalty area on the right
cheap fifa 16 coins speed, strong H-door Leno denied, Falcone restricted area on the left top header bottom line on the beam. 72 minutes, after cutting inside the Roman counterattack, Gervinho restricted left cross Falco, Falco left foot lob the keeper directly into the net. Rome will lead expanded Leverkusen 2-4 in Rome. 75 minutes, then Zhise restricted the right of internal Brett hit the door, Shenqinsini attack the ball he denied. 80 minutes, Digne cross from the left, the first point to be free.

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