Curry 2K16 capacity rose to 96 active first person to throw James

NBA 2K16 MT today wrote an official account tweeted "- Stephen Curry capability value in NBA2K16 now been raised to 96 in, leading the league he was the only one to reach Diamond level players in dynasty mode.."

2K16 this year Sept. 29 launch. From August 2K16 company in accordance with the order from low to high value player ability are announced in the September 23 ten finally revealed, more than 90 points followed by LeBron – James (94), Curry (93), Anthony – Davis (92) – James Harden (92), Kevin – Durant (91) and Chris – Paul (90). Although Curry last season, swept the regular-season MVP and championship two highest honor, but at least this time in the minds of game designers, Zhan Huang is a well-deserved first person active.

However, since the start of the season to the next level compared to last year’s MVP, "Meng God" performance. The start of the first five games, Curry averaged 35.8 points under H 5 rebounds and 5.8 assists and 2.4 steals, averaging 5.6 three-pointers incident, team made five straight, 2K16 aspects of emergency in November 6 to Curry’s ability to enhance the value to 94, and James Wong tied for first in the league.

Curry did not think it was just a prelude crazy performance. In the next 11 games, "Meng God" to score more than 34 points five times, three sections punch out more commonplace, the Warriors winning streak extended to 16 games in November 27 will be the ability to value aspects of library 2K16 up to 95, surpassing James, an exclusive list.

nba mt coins this season has been a quarter, or no team can terminate the Warriors winning streak pace. They start to create a 23-game winning streak in NBA history, cross-season 27-game winning streak also tied the Miami Heat’s second-field winning streak. In this wave of 23 consecutive victories Curry averaged a league-high 32.2 detonation points and added five rebounds and six assists and 2.3 steals, three-point shooting as high as 46.3%. 2K16 again and fans together, surrender at the foot of the library, his ability to enhance the value is also just the third time within a month, and now has reached 96. The ability to maintain the value of James’ 94.

Curry rapid upward trend in recent years, in last year’s 2K15 in his initial ability value of only 89, then because of outstanding performance was raised to 90, and the initial value of James’ ability up to 98, but then was lowered to 96. Then forward a year, James is in the ability of terror 2K14 99, Curry is only 88. This year is the "little emperors" into the thirties of the season, his physical, the impact has declined, while the Curry both individual skills, psychological maturity or teamwork are at their peak, today’s league the first person, Curry should be well-deserved
nba 2k mt.

In this article the official Twitter account of 2K16, users responded that, if the next Warriors game win streak the longest history exclusive list in second place, the value of the library’s ability to rise to 97; break by the Los Angeles Lakers The 1971-92 season, the longest in NBA history to record 33-game winning streak, the value of the library’s ability to rise to 98; break 1995-96 Chicago Bulls record of 72 wins and 10 losses in the history of the best single-season record, Curry ability value will rise to 99; final win of the season, Curry’s ability to achieve a perfect 100 value! Although these are now just imagine, but in accordance with Curry and the Warriors popular state this season, they are more likely to write their own glorious legend.

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