Degea volunteered to fight in Liverpool

In the eighth round of 2016 European Championship qualifier Group C game, Spain Macedonia 1-0 on the road and continue to lead the standings, while starting the game for the Spanish guard the door of what some time ago in the transfer storm Degea, since the new season, including the Champions League Manchester United six games, Degea did not play last night Degea finally play on the game, and have good performance, he has to demonstrate that his state is sufficient to be able to based in Manchester.
After the victory over the Macedonia match, Degea accept the media interview said, referring to the summer transfer storm: “I feel very happy, I am really eager to be marked with the game, and now I am calm to look at a variety of news about the transfer of and rumors, but I would also like to continue to work hard and prove himself at the club. ”
Although Van Gaal had hinted in public after a series of transfers Degea storm did not have a good mentality to cope with competition, “Daily Mail” that Degea Van Gaal will interview on Wednesday with a view to reaching a settlement, Spain, the country will inevitably have to admit error on the transfer issue. The outstanding performance of the national team also proved that he has sufficient capacity in the next round against Liverpool starting lineup. The only problem is that after the Manchester United starting goalkeeper Romero, Argentina, the country said publicly that he does not fear Degea, willing to face the competition’s starting goalkeeper, he told his hometown media “national newspaper” interview, said: “I know the coaches and staff are very supportive of me, but I do not think this position will always be mine. for goalkeeper obtain this support is very important. This is because the goalkeeper can not rotate, either starting or off the bench and only two Choose. And Van Gaal has given me full confidence. “But this season, Van Gaal force recommended the introduction of Romero club and not too out of color performance, Swansea lost to Manchester United in the fourth round of the competition, for the team’s two He conceded he should bear direct responsibility.
Degea club-mate is also the Spanish national team player Mata also said the team left Degea deserves support and backing of the fans, he said: “I do not think Degea stay with the team for the club, coach, teammates or fans have any problems in the past few days I have talked a lot with him, although the outside world has given him a lot of pressure, but Degea always remain calm and focused. ”
Degea since 2011 to join Manchester United from Atletico Madrid has played 131 times for the club this weekend 15-16 season Premiership 5 to usher in Manchester United and Liverpool “double Red”, then what Manchester United will arrange Which starting goalkeeper is great suspense game, we’ll see.

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