Diego Macy announced to withdraw from the national team! He Appears on “FIFA” Cover Several instances within a row

Argentina within the America’s Cup finals centennial Chile lost on penalties, with all the fifa 16 coins champion missed. That is Argentina’s third consecutive major tournament finals lost, Saihoumeixi quit the Argentine national group announced the declaration.

In the penalty shootout, Messi initial played for the Argentina team, however the face of Barcelona teammate Bravo Messi penalty kick flying straight for the crossbar. Ultimately, Chile, Argentina lost on penalties, lost the America’s Cup trophy. Immediately after the game, Messi gave an interview inside the mixed zone reporters, he stated:. “For me, it was all over in the international arena, I’ve lost 4 finals, if not me, now Argentina is very is anticipated to win the Copa America. numerous instances, I’ve felt tired, possibly I can not aid itself Argentine national group to win the trophy. ”

Inside the entire Argentina, Messi is definitely the first to stand up and a media reporter who, though he tears though exchanges with reporters. “For myself, and for all of us, I quit the national team is the best decision. In reality, lots of folks choose to see such a result, they reached the final only for Argentina, but could not win the championship the reality dissatisfied. certainly, we are also not happy with this outcome. this year, we again fell in the penalty shootout. this is a result we are able to not accept, the whole team has worked hard, struggled, on the other hand, and still champion missed. ”

For the Argentina national team, exit Messi is undoubtedly an enormous blow. “Ole” reporters will soulful wrote: “Messi, you genuinely decided to quit the national group however you are going to transform your thoughts do sincerely hope that that is just the moment you shed the America’s Cup final right after?? impulse. perhaps the Argentine team-mate, and all insiders love football, it truly is probable to persuade Messi to adjust his thoughts. Messi, the Argentine national team wants you, football demands you! ”

Meanwhile, as outlined by reports, announced its withdrawal from the national group just after Messi, Javier Mascherano also announced its withdrawal in the national group.

Messi is EA football game series King deserved the cover with the “FIFA” fifa coins, in the beginning till the FIFA16 FIFA13 game Messi and the cover of all the other people … “FIFA10” cover also Messi, named iron plum West, water foil. Till this year is going to be around the cover of FIFA17 ultimately fully replaced.

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