Dikembe Mutombo and terrorist attacks rub shoulders

Brussels, Belgium bombings occurred. NBA legend Dikembe – Mutombo bombing happened at the airport in Brussels, but fortunately his body unharmed(more buy 2K16 MT).

Today, in Brussels, Belgium and the airport subway station continuous explosion, and resulting in many casualties.

Soon, it happened to Deke was in Brussels to report safety fans and friends in the murder case after the outbreak of the book through his face.

“God is very good. I am Brussels Airport through this crazy thing. I’m fine.” Deke wrote on Facebook.

Then, he added: “… I thank everyone here safe God well.”

After Mutombo gave an interview to CNN in the United States, he told the host Brooke – Baldwin, when the explosion occurred, he was napping. When he woke up, he could hear people screaming constantly, and everyone else are run like hell. A woman being yelled: “We have to leave, many people downstairs are bleeding, a lot of people were injured.”

Dikembe Mutombo Foundation also through face book page issued a statement in Brussels and mourn the victims of the bombing.click here

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