Durant cares if he can take the regular season MVP

Warriors Kevin Durant said he does not care if he can take the regular season MVP, because he knows he can not take MVP, the fans know how good he is
Durant had decided to join the Warriors, it means he will share the spotlight with the library, which will affect Durant and then take a regular season MVP chance. In this regard, Durant did not care at all.

“The award does not mean anything to me and in my opinion you can still be an MVP player even if you do not get MVP.” Durant said, “I know how good I am in the league Everyone knows how good I am, and all fans know that no matter how much they deny or black me, they know that when I set foot on the court, they’re afraid of me.I did not say my opponents were afraid of me, It’s the other side’s fans, because when I get the chance to shoot, I hear the crowd, especially before I shoot. ”

“Obviously, my decision to join the Warriors will make some people feel uncomfortable, because they like competition, so I always criticize me, I expected this.But I have won the regular season MVP, I have already experienced this In that case, let’s move on, what’s my next goal? ”

This season, Durant averaging 26.1 points, 6.7 rebounds and 5.4 assists. Although he himself does not care, but he is still in the scope of the MVP discussion.buy nba mt coins at nbamtcoins.com

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