Erickson Enjoy playing in the hands of Rinpoche Martino After starting

New season, Tottenham made 5 wins, 5 draws and 1 loss record in the leadership of head coach Rinpoche Tarantino, 20 points ranked fifth in the league now. After 11 games, the Spurs scored 19 goals only lost 8-ball. This week, they will usher in the north London derby with Arsenal. Before the game, Tottenham midfielder Eriksson
safe mut coins represents the players liked playing in Rinpoche Martino’s men.

Be able to win in a number of more teams in play, this is a very comfortable thing,’ Eriksson said. ‘We are in front of everyone is satisfied with the status quo, we have good players and enjoy the feeling of playing with each other.’ ‘Rinpoche Tarantino just took time, a lot of need to restructure the place, but now the players have know how to do that, we have a general impression.

Now the relationship between teammates is very good, everyone down to earth, easy to get along, but in the field becomes easy to play the game together. ” We are a young team, Rinpoche Martino found the right way. I hope we can kick you want speed, we want to attack, you want to score in Tottenham play feel very good, especially if you are a When attacking players. ‘(Will)

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