Espanyol president denies   Neymar racism claims


Espanyol president Joan Collet has denied claims Barcelona’s Neymar was topic to racist chants in Saturday’s derby.( come to

Accusations that racist chanting was aimed at Barcelona star Neymar from a section in the Espanyol crowd happen to be rejected by the club’s president Joan Collet.

Espanyol earned a 0-0 draw within the derby involving the teams (buy cheap Fifa coins) on Saturday in front of a boisterous Cornella El Prat, but it was events off the pitch that earned headlines following the game.

Brazil international Neymar was reportedly subject to racist chanting in the first half, with former Barca board member Toni Freixa writing on Twitter: “I trust that the racist chants which Neymar was subjected to possess been very carefully noted inside the referee’s report.”

Barca midfielder Andres Iniesta also stated he heard abuse “in one particular corner, inside the first half, from one supporter.”

However, Collet flatly denied the allegations.

“I was there, just like 30,000 people today and nothing ( go to ارخص موقع لبيع الكوينز فيفا 16) at all occurred,” he was quoted as saying by AS. “The entire factor blows up for 1 shout, but there was nothing at all generalised, it really is a lie.

“It was a high-risk game and there weren’t any incidents. The attitude from the fans was admirable. It was a game we are able to feel proud about and it makes us quite excited about the future.”

Collet also hit back at criticism of Espanyol’s perceived aggressive tactics through the encounter.

“It’s a disgrace that the usual suspects here begin up the nationalist pro-Barcelona machinery. I’ve not heard anything from the Barca players or the coach, but I have from all the usual suspects,” he added.

“When something occurs they bring out the subject of violence and it’s a disgrace. It’s a lie that we were violent. Just about every time they do not win it is the exact same commentary.

“Only a few see this violence and they try and justify not winning. It was a normal game and I believe the referee was spot on and did not see any sending-off offences.”

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