Exposure Hengda $ 12 million annual salary offer Robinho

Beijing June 30, according to the Brazilian sports media, “Universal Sports” reported that Taobao Super Guangzhou Hengda teams are chasing the Brazilian international striker Robinho, and to provide an after-tax monthly salary of $ 1,000,000 (equivalent to annual salary of about $ 12 million) offer, it is learned, Robinho and AC Milan’s Serie A contract will expire on June 30, starting from July 1, he is free to sign with another team, if Hengda The former want “bicycle boy” need to face a number of other teams compete.

According to “Global Sports” report, Pakistan A team defending champion Cruzeiro on Wednesday met with Robinho’s agent, the possibility of its negotiations to join Cruzeiro, but with the Chinese team Guangzhou Heng large intervention, Cruzeiro want to sign the Brazilian international success greatly increased the difficulty, according to Cruzeiro Barbosa said the general manager, Robinho’s agent under consideration from Scolari China Guangzhou Hengda an offer, the team has high lats former Cruzeiro player, most recently just signed another Brazilian player Paulinho, while Robinho If you accept the offer, In China he can get $ 1 million salary, Barbosa said that although Cruzeiro offer to provide Robinho has Guanjue Brazil, but compared with the huge amount of quotation from China Guangzhou Hengda still can not be compared. “Universal Sports” also pointed out that, in addition to Cruzeiro, Santos and Guangzhou Hengda outside, about to become a free agent Robinho, also received widespread attention from the Mexican League team in Queretaro, and in recent The America’s Cup because of Neymar’s suspension, the Brazilian striker Robinho has become an important part, remarkable performance.

Now 31-year-old Robinho, height 172CM, an attacking player from Brazil, serving Brazilian international, who on behalf of the Brazilian national team for the World Cup in Germany and the World Cup in South Africa and a number of World Series, in the field can play forward, Movies a plurality of positions front, winger etc career has played in more than Real Madrid, Manchester City, AC Milan and other European giants, now its Brazilian national team played a total of 97 representatives and scored 27 goals. This season on loan at AC Milan to Pakistan A league Santos team, currently in the German Football authoritative website “transfer market” Robinho is worth about 600 million euros.


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