Felipe Mourinho’s ‘ravings’ will hurt his players

Before Felipe Mourinho expressed in an interview comments would hurt his team’s players. Mourinho never taboo to criticize their own array underperforming players. Although the Premier League this season, only one-third, but Chelsea drop points at most, the defending champion is the Premier League history. Azar is Mourinho criticized the players, he expressed a wish to participate more Belgian international defender. Now back to Atletico effectiveness Felipe told ‘Yahoo’ Mourinho said in an interview, speaking a bit too much harm than good. ‘He has his own way of dealing with the media, especially when the team loses, but it sometimes hurt certain players, some players can learn from criticism, but other players
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Muli Ni Austrian with and make life difficult for referees this season, because he insulted in an interview after the game has already been punished twice. ‘Sometimes he was right, sometimes not. Sometimes people think he is very absurd, but sometimes agree with him. He is such a man, his work is so, I think this is normal. ‘Felipe continued to interview, he believes his short trip to the Premier League was successful. ‘For me personally, I think his Chelsea career is successful, year two titles, one Champions League, the Premier League
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