FIFA 16 News: Best FIFA 16 Wishlist and Rumored Improvements


FIFA 16 is only months away and we are able to inform that anticipation is creating. Complete FIFA has compiled the ultimate BEST wishlist and rumored improvements for the subsequent installment with the FIFA series – FIFA 16. In this slide show we will list possible improvements for FIFA 16 and the ultimate wishlist for FIFA gamers.

UPDATE: FIFA 16 NEW FEATURES REVEALED AT E3 CONFERENCEGameplay changes neededHandballs are never given FIFA 15. This feature must be included in the subsequent installment.

  • There needs to be realistic stadium attendees. The only time the Emptihad (Man City’s Etihad stadium) is full is (buy cheap Fifa coins) on FIFA. A possible suggestion (go to buy fifa16coins) is make fans boycott the stadium after a derby loss.
  • If a player is injured or banned in real life, they shouldn’t be available to play online.
  • As a manager in Carreer mode I should be able to choose opponents in friendly matches
  • Reactions of subbed players on “ALL PLATFORMS.” Anybody remember Dani Alves kicking that bottle to Jupiter?
  • Where you can select “winner gets all XP” you should be able to do the same on FUT with coins.
  • Make manager’s reactions realistic like missed shots or change in tactics.
  • Have the ball landing indicator EVERY time the ball goes in the air.
  • At the end of Online Friendlies, the game stats should be up along with the season standings. Currently, you have (buy cheap Fifa coins) to decline continuing in the season in order to see the match stats.
  • When a player is injured, have the players and ref surround him and show the medics carrying him off. 


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