FIFA 17 specifics LEAKED by Crystal Palace players on tour

Crystal Palace has spent the final few weeks on their pre-season tour to Canada and whilst there they stopped more than to EA’s Vancouver workplace to get hands on using the fifa 17 coins.

However, where you’ll find footballers there’s also pretty active social media accounts filled with images and sadly for EA, a couple of pictures of your new designs for their FIFA 17 Ultimate Team player cards have been leaked.

FIFA Ultimate Group web site has noted that, “the top rated with the crest now protrudes out to make depth between the curve and the outlines” and that “FIFA 17’s diagonal stripes texture can also be in use continuing the theme of fut 16 coins items adopting the overall game’s branding style for that year.”

The website also says that the image “goes hand-in-hand” with an earlier leaked picture of a attainable Robert Pires Legend card.

“Here you are able to see exactly precisely the same crest style, only using the Legend colours in place with the Rare Gold.”

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