FIFA’s Ultimate Team glitch has been identified, a patch is around the way

A glitch appears to be plaguing FIFA Ultimate Team, the most high-priced and most lucrative a part of the world-wide video game franchise. Soon after acknowledging it last week, EA now says they have a fix around the way.

FIFA neighborhood manager Rob Hodson updated his initial post acknowledging the glitch with some new facts.

“Our perform has shown that there appear to become some distinction sin how fitness and chemistry apply to some FUT products. The variations seem to become the identical for all fans, but only only applying (sic) to some FUT things, so we’re producing some alterations to make sure attributes are being applied consistently across things in the game.”

The wording there – that the glitch applies to all fans – seems to become intended to mitigate complaints of users getting cheated out of their investments by the method. That doesn’t acknowledge, although, that the biggest spenders and players were likely one of the most impacted by it.

With that stated, the FIFA team is operating on an update for FIFA 16 on Pc, PlayStation and Xbox, that Hodson says they’ll be deploying as quickly as you possibly can.

With fifa 17 coins, Hodson says that they’ll “be sharing far more concerning the deeper mechanics” in the FIFA Ultimate Group mode, which suggests higher transparency from Electronic Arts regarding the mode, which would only be a very good thing contemplating just how much dollars individuals devote on it and how much funds EA tends to make off of it, using the publisher having pulled in about $650 million on it final year.

Assuming the glitch is addressed fully in this patch, EA is going to become closely monitored by fans from fut coins traders this point forward, so this can be one thing they won’t have any area for error on.

EA has not yet announced a release date for the update, but FIFA 17 is as a result of release on September 27.

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