Fifth week Monday night game Preview Steelers @ Lightning

Fifth week of the Monday night game, after weeks of offseason adjustments Steelers (2-2) will come to Qualcomm Stadium, the same challenges Lightning record (2-2). Big Rivers originally and two 04 quarterback duel for the first time in nearly three years, but because of the injury healed Big Ben, Steelers starting quarterback will continue to be played by the veteran Vic. Last game at home with Lightning rookie kicker Rambo Brown 34 yards free kick lore end two-game losing streak, the field they hope to get two straight at home. Although Rivers played well, but he still needs the help of his teammates, especially (again) shorthanded offensive line – left tackle Dunlap,
nfl 16 madden coins left guard and right guard front Franklin will miss the front Flook games.

Also hanging mianzhanpai also took over the main Stilwell – Johnson. The only good news is that because of doping was banned for four games in the main tight end Antonio – Gates will be lifted back, since Rivers 06 season since becoming the main quarterback, Gates has completed 74 touchdowns , while Gates just need to complete a second touchdowns, it will become the Tony – Gonzalez after the second touchdown hundred times Everett. In the road offense, each red ball lightning average only 3.9 yards, running back first-round pick Melvin – Gordon’s performance in general and yet touchdowns for Houston. Steelers fourth in five years with 2 wins and 2 losses start, Vick played in the audience for the first time data is just 124 yards a touchdown plus 33 yards rushing, including missed critical 4th gear 1 yards in overtime
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Catch code splendid times last season Mourinho – Brown seems difficult to form an effective cooperation with Vic, just 5 pick 42 yards, ending his 35 consecutive games to obtain at least 5 pick 50 yards league record. The Steelers also have a main catcher lifted back, 6-foot-4-inch sophomore wide receiver Travis Mata – Bryant Vick will increase the threat of a deep selection. Defense group aspect, the Steelers overall neat, only first-round pick last year, inside linebacker Ryan – Sha Zeer will once again be sidelined. Steelers week in the offseason signed a new kicker – Chris Boswell, substituted poor performance of Josh – Scobie, it will be Boswell career debut.

It is worth mentioning that data: the two sides at war record, the Steelers with 21 wins and 7 losses was dominant, last 15 times the war is lost only three games. Rivers eye-catching performance in the last two games against the two sides, 6 touchdowns 0 interceptions.

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