Football scout work

In the football club, in addition to the players, coaches and officials, scouting is a very important role. Scout is popular saying: “if your car within three years the total mileage of not reached 20 million miles, you are not a true scout.” They travel from all over the world, hoping to find the next star for the team. When the fans chat often talk about the topic to scout scout, can you really understand?
Football crazy Corps
There are many scouts have experienced players and coaches, but this does not mean that no playing or teaching background cannot be a good scout. Had in the Scottish giants Celtic work scout Neil McGinnis believes that team need that kind of near obsession with football Scout: “them to their pride, major league players, and go to the site and by video game enough.” Many scouts on the new transfer and coaching staff changes in personnel news is very sensitive, when someone asks a player, they can quickly give your opinion.
The progress of science and technology to the scouts provide a lot of help the progress of science and technology provides a lot of help to the scouts
With the continuous progress of science and technology, the scouting system information is becoming more and more rich. Scout7 and WyScout of such a database has more than 16 million players, scouts can quickly find want to examine a video player. But everything high-tech does not work as a scout. The Scout: home without the people “a book author Calvin said:” there are a number of new generation of scouts, they tirelessly to delve into digital, or some of it of genius, but they lack of football a intuitive understanding, old-fashioned Scouts is indispensable. ”
Scout does not have to be full-time, for example a Bournemouth juvenile echelon scout Penny usually in building maintenance company. He can get a small reward for the club’s payment every month, and the player he has recommended is awarded a prize of $25 each. Another concern is whether the need to have the ability of scouts, different position players? In fact, if scouts to the football match has the professional levels of understanding, then his position of every player can also give proper analysis. Generally speaking, in addition to specifically study the goalkeeper position does not need other scouts, scouts were arranged to observe.
What are they all study?
Scouts on the pitch is the most important thing is to watch their target player, which means that they do not like a coach or the audience like to watch the game. BBC reporter Nabil once and a pro scouts go scouting work experience, the results of the latter in the game began soon told him: “you watching in operation, but as a scout you is the goal. The important not to look at the ball, but to see people.” If you look close enough and experienced scouts through a live game to summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the players, summed up the player’s style, technical characteristics and the ball. Explore the Crystal Palace Titans Zaha’s scouting Webb describes the scene at that time: “his speed, and good, and often have surprising choice.”
The need for a comprehensive study of the scout players, only one game is definitely not enough to observe. The former Celtic scout McGinnis said: “players may have injury problems, may also have confidence or personal habits on the problem. Or there is another situation: when you look at the player, the player is not in the best physical condition. So if it is not too far away, I will conduct a general survey.”
In addition to technical ability and physical condition, the player’s mental attributes of course is also the focus of study. Players such as Barton Joey are not always able to control the mood, but some clubs also need such players. So how to determine whether a player with a strong spirit of it? Different scouts have different methods, McGinnis said his own tricks of the trade: “I like the players to observe the reaction after being bulldozed. Most people will continue to climb up the game, but you will find some of this to heart, and to seek revenge. Although this may cause them to eat, but some people in doing so while still playing with the ball.” In most experienced scout eyes, a player’s attitude to the game is very easy to see, including whether he with a smile in the play.
Scouts for the players is very strict, players will also on the sidelines of the performance were put under the magnifying glass. Whether they are in training, or stay in a hotel, or even chat with a group of people, the careful scouting will focus on their performance. Scouting Fine Sfer Hoffenheim’s said “if I see a player wearing headphones to walk, ignoring everything that is happening around me, then I think this is not I want to find people.” In addition to this, Fine Sfer will also examine whether players make the “friends”, or the frequent access to nightclubs. But, as he said, it is not difficult to find many of the best players from Africa and South America, but whether they can adjust to the Bundesliga, the need for a full range of inspection.

The spectators and coaches interview
In the case of such a rich video data, the team signed a field study if you need to personally? Here to tell a story: in 1996, when Southampton manager Graeme Souness received claiming to be a phone call from the world football Sir George Weah, said Lydia Weah’s brother is and for the national team has played 13 times. Persuaded Souness gave him a month contract, and even let him off the bench in the premier league. The dia will not play, was his star Michael’s commented: “his presence on the run, the ice like Bambi than to see him play too embarrassed the.”
Even if there is no such a situation, the game is an essential part of the game. The former Celtic scout McGinnis tells the story of his personal experience: “I recommend players if it is signed for the club, only is after seeing his game in the field. I remember once, we decided to sign a Danish left back in the video. I put his video data to colleagues and the whole team of the coach, they are recognized by the player. But when I went to Denmark to watch the game, it took 5 minutes to veto him – the side guard is very afraid of physical confrontation, the other side pass even when the ball hit, he seems to have been looking for an excuse to try to escape the stadium.” The psychological state of players on the pitch, indeed only by watching the scene to observe and analyze more thoroughly.
The report than pilling are more like the interview than the coach, coach who report on the ball, like interview
The team coach, scout report is an important material to understand their players. But in the view of Mcginnis, the coach is more willing to ask for a view to scout players. He himself also agrees with this approach: “the boss will not be a problem in the report, which opens the way we talk, but also let me in the next time when the players can take into account more aspects. Watch a player and I will coach the highlights. Then I will observe their expression and reaction, to further understand their needs what kind of players. ” Generally speaking, the club for scouting reports have specific requirements, scouts need follow a certain format, answer several questions.
The intrigues of the world
In the course of the study of the players, it is inevitable to deal with the players brokers. Sometimes you need to call your broker to know about a player. If you ask the details of some of the players, of course, the other side to provide information, that you are interested in his players. Information is very important in the football world, so it is a very interesting process to deal with the broker.
Some brokers will certainly take the opportunity to contact the other team’s scouts. This may lead to major competitors to examine the player. To this Mcginnis said: “you need to have the wisdom of the people to judge which people can be trusted, which people can not be trusted. The key is to establish the right relationship network, such as you can contact the target player’s former team mate, not their broker. In general, you need to create a group of people who trust each other, and the people in this group have the experience of working with you, and you have a great trust in them.” In the competitive world of the football course, how to deal with interpersonal relationship is scouting.
Scouts will save observed all the players at their development in that is a interesting thing. You may find the next big star, and you may also miss the next big star. For those obsessed with football scouts. The greatest pleasure in their work, it is likely in players see other scouts did not find the special qualities, this is fascinating.

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