Galliani rebuked ungrateful Parma

Milan this season, unsatisfactory results, and club CEO Adriano Galliani also encountered troubles. Parma official allegations week Galliani use Parma bankruptcy fraud earlier this year when the introduction of sex Paletta,fifa 16 coins  only spent 2.5 million euros to buy the the Italian international defender. However, Milan’s official statement after the transfer legitimate, but Galliani also had to respond in person on Thursday.
“Football Market”: Galliani dissatisfied Parma allegations
Galliani said, “My lawyer told me that it should remain silent now, but I still say, if we do not buy Paletta time, then he can terminate the contract and Parma, to know before joining Milan, Paletta has been seven months did not get salary from Parma, and his sacrifice to give up the money after the transfer. Or we could simply wait for bankruptcy after Parma free to sign him when his contract also only four months to expire. ”
Then Galliani hinted Parma doing now is simply ungrateful. “Milan was the only club to pay Parma, Parma we are trying to help,fifa 16 münzen but now we have been investigating collusion fraudulent bankruptcy, this really makes me feel very strange. When I understand Transfers Palma’s economic situation? I have to make an explanation on the matter, I do not want to comment further. ”
Indeed, as the sum of said Parma was already in financial crisis, and long-outstanding player salaries, and therefore subject to successive points penalties. Wages in accordance with the rules of football, then long-term players and clubs have the right to surrender, such as the time Cassano, Biabiany, Jialuo Pa, Bell Foday, Lodi, Felipe Palma and many other players have chosen to surrender to restore freedom body, which after defender Felipe is free to join Inter termination. Milan has chosen to pay the transfer fee to Paletta, we can say Parma is a help, but now it has been investigated, no wonder the Canadian Federation dissatisfied.more news.

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