Gamba coach win four balls into the rival without prior disarm

Hengda want to win to qualify, Gamba Osaka would like to comeback reversed. Yesterday, Gamba coach Kenta Hasegawa in the face of Japanese reporters at the pre-match press conference, claiming: Heng brigade to get into four balls. Kenta Hasegawa with the team long-term Tengbao Ren attended the pre-match press conference. In the first leg clash in the AFC Kenta Hasegawa due to being suspended, he did not in coach seats on-site command, can only sit in the stands to watch the game.

This time, he looked smug lifted back, he encouraged the players with the tone, said: ‘We will not be afraid, do not advance to disarm, we must strive to enter Hengda a ball, two goals, three goals or even four balls! ‘After the first leg loss to rival, Japan’s Kenta Hasegawa back the good thing, first himself and Gamba Osaka renewal, access to the Japanese J-League first-paid treatment, followed by Gamba Osaka in domestic competitions Lien Jie, has defeated Kashiwa Reysol and Urawa Red Diamonds, continue to maintain hope this year to compete for the league title J1. This time back home, Kenta Hasegawa for comeback confidence, he said:. ‘As long as we are more comfortable on Gongshoupingheng control, home or have the opportunity to qualify for the AFC Champions League final reversal Hengda’ Tonight, Gamba Osaka need 1-0 or win by two goals or more in order to ensure the promotion, the situation is slightly passive, but Kenta Hasegawa disagree, he said: ‘In the past this time, the players and the competitive state of the body are maintained quite well, We also have the confidence to qualify at home to achieve reversal.

Secondly, with Daiki Niwa’s return, the team’s offense and defense will become more balanced, and this will increase our chances to beat opponents. ‘The first leg, defender Daiki Niwa absence, which is considered offensive and defensive team Gamba main reason for the imbalance. Kenta Hasegawa also believes that the first leg of an away goal, so that Gamba had reversed the capital, ‘from the current situation, our situation is not too bad, in fact, the first leg of an away goal Let us also occupy a certain initiative tomorrow in the home game, the players have the favorable factors in the case, will certainly make every effort to give the fans turn in a satisfactory answer. ‘Gamba captain Endo Yasuhito also He said that away goal is very important. He said: ‘The first leg defeat away to Guangzhou Hengda, does not mean that we as opponents Besides, we also have an away goal, which is the team to qualify at home to achieve reversal of a solid foundation..’

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