Giants Juventus put words: Bobby Dahl Borg not to sell!

Juventus in the summer transfer market moves frequently, the team bid farewell Pirlo, Carlos Tevez two generals and several veteran members, but also introduce a number of new aid. Team manager Marotta said Juve’s transfer operation has ended, Juventus will not sell Vidal and Boge Ba two players.

On Allegri and Marchisio renewal press conference, Marotta simply accepted the media interview. He said: “For major signings, we move faster than the other clubs for us, the transfer market in the end of the day, the team has been very competitive..”

Juventus midfielder Vidal and Boge Ba are two popular figure transfer market, just won the America’s Cup champion Real Madrid and Arsenal both Chileans and transfer scandal, but it is caused by Barcelona led Boge Ba The number of teams looting. This Marotta said: “The reports are rumors about Vidal, a good relationship between us and Real Madrid, but these rumors are unrealistic Boge Ba I’ve spent a lot of time talking about this thing -? Juventus team of the best players will not sell. ”

For Pirlo’s departure, Marotta said: “Today is a day people miss Pirlo, he kicked the pure football, recognized by all, we must understand that he is difficult to replace, but we are starting. field quality is still very high, Pirlo gone, Hedi came, he is very experienced and very tough, Stewart can consolidate La midfield, so our strength did not decline. “

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