Giants lore civil war League of Nations 49

Beijing at 8:30 on October 12, the San Francisco 49ers came to New York Giants challenge. Competition is fierce, both sides turn up the score, the last time even staged lore and anti-lore. Overall score: 49 27:30 New York Giants. None of the parties to pick up the opening attack, the first time each shot free-kick failed to get touchdowns. After entering the second quarter, the Giants took the lead into the break the deadlock, the star quarterback Eli – Manning (Eil Manning) led the team to run the combined mass, steadily, and finally pass to running back Sean – Willingen (Shane Vereen ) completed two yards touchdowns. 49 aspects still not in the state, less than two minutes, and was a giant shot succeeded, but fortunately there are three minutes the first half, when 49 people and
nfl 16 madden coins then complete a shot, the score closer to 6-13. At this point, Manning opened the unparalleled patterns, in just three minutes advance from the side 20 yards to the other red zone, but the last few seconds when the challenge is cornerback touchdowns because – Bullock (Tramaine Brock) steals, 49 people escaped unharmed.

49 people finally wake up the second half, after a giant wave of offensive guard, quarterback Colin – Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) first long pass veteran wide receiver Security – Boulding (Anquan Boldin) succeeded, followed by continuous use brute The Giants scored the pavement to promote the red zone, the last still short pass by the Capet winger Nick Boulding 4 yards touchdowns, to chase the score 13-13. Since then, the two sides began a defensive group show time, but Manning completed a Charge, Warriors open again, three minutes less than a wave of advance, and finally throw short pass interference star external Odell – David Beckham (Odell Beckham), The latter go past the defensive backs, use the speed rush to complete
madden 16 coins 17 yards touchdown zone touchdown. Game into the fourth quarter, 49 people to be outdone, ran pass combination continue to advance, and finally by the middle Capet pass to Nick Garrett – Crick (Garrett Celek) completed five yards touchdowns, tied the score again.

The Giants quarterback Manning status is still good, but unfortunately the last of several attacks in the red zone touchdowns did, finishing three points shot. The last 2 minutes 44 seconds, 49 people spent just half a minute, five ground advance 1 passes, then tapping into the giant sounding four yards, two minutes after the official pause, the main running back Carlos – Hyde (Carlos Hyde) strong sudden Road touchdowns, four points ahead, 1:15 left in the game. Giants quarterback Manning desire to win is stronger, consecutive passes forward, and finally by Larry Everett 84 – up to Duna Er (Larry Donnell) complete the ball 12 yards in two double-team defensive players array! The last 17 seconds, 49 people failed to organize an effective attack, regret to leave. Ultimately, the Giants 30-27 in the final 1 minute 49 touchdowns lore, home win.

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