Gordon career high

Orlando Magic 130-116 home victory over the visiting Philadelphia 76ers, Orlando striker Aaron – Gordon played 36 minutes, scored 22 points and 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal and 2 blocked shots, while the 22 points also set his career career scoring high(read cheap 2k16 MT).

Money trade deadline this season, the Magic and Pistons completed a blockbuster trade, the Pistons sent Brandon – Jennings and Ilyasova to magic, and magic is off the main small forward Tobias – Harry Sri Lanka.

In the deal, it may have the most to benefit a number of Gordon. In the All-Star dunk contest, although eventually lost to Zach Gordon – Lavin, but several of his sensational dunk performances, but also for their winning enough, but then the Magic away the main small forward Harris, the first episode on Gordon, is enough to see the future of the team culture Gordon determination.

Of course, Gordon also delivered count today’s game, Gordon has five consecutive games scoring in double figures, and three days before the game against the Warriors in the game, Gordon had just 19 points and eight rebounds tied his career scoring record .

And this record does not keep long, the Magic beat the 76ers in today’s game, Gordon with 22 points, seven rebounds, three assists, two blocks and one steal in a comprehensive score, setting a career scoring record, but also pointers there are 2 cast 2 performance. Prior to this, Gordon had to give a score of over 19 in three games.

21-year-old Gordon is gradually embarked on the track of their own career, although early into the NBA, not too affected by Gordon reuse, but fortunately management magic to discover the unlimited potential of 06 2 meters forward, and It gave him enough opportunity to show, but so far this season, Gordon averaged 8.2 points and 6.4 rebounds and 1.5 assists in the performance, although still hard to say amazing, but the data is compared to his rookie season has steadily improved, the future belongs to the the deduction of violence can spring be far behind? buy now

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